Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas and baby....

29 weeks now! Look at that belly grow huh? Scary thought that it only 10 weeks away. I have a OB Appt tomorrow actually and my little sister is coming along to help w/ Ryden staying out of drawers and doors.

Christmas has come and gone. Ryden LOVES his train table! It was the last thing we showed him. I stacked all his presents on top of it then Jameson took the lid off and the look of shock was great! He would not stop playing with it. Even stood their watching the train go around while holding a piece of bacon in one hand.

We did our running around to my family and Jameson's family that day and got home pretty late. Then back up Saturday so Jameson could help my dad only to turn around and go back up Sunday to help more. Have I mention that it is a hour drive one way for us to go up there? Was not something we wanted to do all weekend. This Saturday Jameson is working w/ his dad also so back up we go! I plan to go nowhere Friday and Sunday this weekend!

Jameson was VERY excited about his PlayStation 3 he got from me. Set it up Christmas Eve so that Ry was not under foot. He also was glad that Ryden got him a game he wanted along w/ his stepmother. Along w/ a giftcard for a game store and he was set. Me? What did I get? A cute little shop vac for my car! Yes it was something I asked for! I wanted a vacuum for the car so it is easier to clean up after Ryden and Jameson found a cute wet/dry vac haha. A couple season of Gilmore Girls, new robe, Gift Card for Olive Garden and I am good now!

As soon as I get time, I will upload the few pictures from Christmas. We forgot the camera at the house when we headed to family... oops!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Third Trimester!

Can you believe it already? 12 more weeks and my little girl will be here? As you can see above, Ryden wanted in on the picture this morning!

Lena Fetus has been moving around like crazy recently. Especially after yesterday when her brother kept jumping on her. So that had me on the couch all evening just to be on the safe side. But she is bouncing away and up in my ribs all day long. So either she is super long or just that high up in my belly. Either way, it is REALLY annoying while I try to sit.

Where did the year go? When did the year pass us by? I remember getting up and finding out about her and now I am closer and closer to her being here! Christmas seemed like a distant though and now look... its Friday!

Ryden is currently walking around banging a laundry basket in the living room. Why? no idea but it is keeping him out of trouble for now so its nice. He has been a terror lately but hopefully it will start to die down. I am hoping it is more from the change in the family coming soon than just being a terror but no one can really tell for sure.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 Months...

3 months until my due date. In 3 month, I will be the mom of 2 children under the age of 3. It is a scary thought. Where the hell did time go? No really, someone please tell me where time went? I still feel like I just found out yesterday.

All is going well though. Lena Fetus beats me up on a daily and more than daily basis. Ryden likes to talk to baby sissy when he feels like it. Just the other day he was laying his head on my belly and ribbiting to her haha. I cracked up only for him to sh me which made me laugh even harder. He has felt her move a couple times but I do not think he realizes yet.

Jameson got the numbers on how much it will cost for insurance through his work. I do not know how on earth we will afford it. It cuts out so much from his paycheck it is scary. Makes me wonder if me being a stay at home mom truly worth it?

Ryden is trying to escape his room so I will be back...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Weeks Already...

Amazing how fast time flies huh? I can not believe that today is December 1st and I am 25 weeks already!

Had a appointment this afternoon. All is well with Lena Fetus and she is measuring on target. I mention about the horrible Pubic Bone pain and now I must keep off my feet as much as possible. With a potty training toddler running around? Yeah right haha.

While I had my appointment, Ryden got to spend some time with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Chrissy. They took him to the Crayola Factory. Very nifty place for little kids. He had a blast they told me and I am so glad. He is currently sleeping at the moment and I know he is going to be up late but I guess it is worth it.

Thanksgiving wasn't too bad. I was all excited for Ham but it tasted ick. Then the apple pie I have been craving for weeks...not great at ALL. So sad but I will have to just go buy some more Mrs. Smith or something. Here is to hoping Christmas dinner is better!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where did time go?

Between the FREAK warm weather in Pa recently and the holidays right around the corner, things are moving around here quickly!
Above is Super Ryden or Gymnastic Ryden landing his dismount...either way, he is enjoying the freak 60 degree weather we have been seeing lately. Its nice don't get me wrong but when it is the END of NOVEMBER and i can take him out w/o a jacket on? Just a tad over doing it. But he is not coupe up in the house for too long thankfully. Those days are the ones I wish I had more duct tape to hold him to the wall. ( I KID!)

Lena has been becoming more and more active lately. The moment I stop moving, she decides to move around. I mean it is a good thing I feel her so often but when it is midnight and I just want to crash, not so much fun. Though I do believe that Jameson is coming around to having a little girl. He probably will not admit it but I am sure she is going to have him wrapped around her little finger haha.

The holidays are upon us. They started the freaking Christmas music already also. Its not even Thanksgiving yet but apparently you can not wait until Black Friday to start. Speaking of which, there is not one good decent sale in those ads this year! I am so disappointed on that one.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just over half way...

We are just past the half way mark! Today is 21 weeks and 2 days or you can just tell by the ticker on the top of the page haha.

Things have been calm for the most part. Lena is moving around like crazy some days and Jameson can now feel it! If only he would have the patience to sit still long enough to feel the really hard ones. Ryden doesn't understand it yet, will not stay still either but that is okay. I think when she is bigger he will get it better.

We finished Ryden's Christmas shopping! Just waiting on the confirmation that the Train Table is at Walmart Site to Store pick up and he will be officially all done! I also have the nieces and my father in law done yay! I think for once I may actually get done early w/ the shopping!

Just dont ask me what Jameson is getting because I have NO idea!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yesturday was such a whirlwind but now i can sit and tell all about it!

My mom calls me like 20 minutes before i have to leave (instead of the hour before) that she is running late. so i fast throw the car seat and everything back in the car and FLY to the hospital.

We get there and switch cars since Ry fell asleep lol. she takes him and i get Gimpy ( My sister) and I head to Radiology. They took us back pretty fast actually.

The tech had a student so i knew right away it was going to be a bit more detailed to teach her hehe. We chatted a bit while heading to the room and told her how we MUST know what the baby is!

We were there for a good HOUR taking measurements and shots. It wasnt until the very end they got a fast picture of between her legs. (i love it HER legs!) she was being so stubborn! but they got the shot fast and Gimpy i think was going to fall out of the wheel chair hahaha. The tech was like ' i dont see a penis so i am really thinking GIRL! ' i cried! i did. the tears just fell i was so happy :0)

So we get all cleaned up and Gimpy is like 'omg hurrry up and call Jameson! Hurry up! i gotta tell ppl!!!' so try steering through a hospital w a wheel chair while trying to text message and call hubby haha. i should mention how her leg is straight out since she has a immobilizer on it haha.

But we finally get signal for my phone, and i hit send on my 30 person mass text haha. When i called Jameson, he was shocked but i think he is excited. My poor phone couldnt handle all the text coming back in hahaha. every like sec i was hearing ' new message, new message'.

We went over to get some lunch and she called the food store to get ahold of the bakery to make the Pink Canolis haha. But it was done and we had out Pitas. Then she was like ' we are not leaving w/o going into Children's Place and getting a outfit!' (and they are having a great sale this week! got Lena a pair of cute sneaker for only 5 bucks!)

So we headed to my moms and get the dessert. we got there and had the girls and Ry gather around. Ry opened the box and EVERYONE was shocked! my mom swore up and down it was a boy haha.

Jameson's parents were so hoping for a girl. So i put the sneakers in a box w/ the canolis and headed up there. my MIL:

Opens box " its canolis...and there PINK?!?!?!!? OMG!!!' so they are uber duper excited now.

A little girl! I am going to have a little GIRL!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Life in General...

So things are going okay. Jameson LOVES his new job. The car is getting fixed finally and Ryden is doing eh on potty training.

Next week, we go for a ultrasound! Get to find out what the baby is and I can not wait! Crouton has become more and more active lately. Still can't feel it on the outside but definitely can tell I am pregnant! I can not wait until Ryden can feel the baby! I am sure he is going to be weirded out at first but then think it is fun. He likes to give baby hugs and kisses so that is a start right?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Many Changes Are Coming....

...yes they are!

Jameson quit T-Mobile. YES! He got a job offer from the place he went to the interview for a couple weeks i think ago. Same day as fender bender mention below. He is on his own little 'vacation' this week while he waits for the 12th to roll around to start the new job. More money yay!

With the quitting happening, we lose our insurance at the end of the month. Meaning I HAVE to have my ultrasound before 10/ is now: 10/22! So on that day, we will know what Crouton is. My mom is coming along to watch Ryden in the waiting room. He isn't allowed in the room apparently which really sucks but that just means I get to have a secret all day! I went for a check up this past Friday and after the Phy. Asst took awhile, we found the heartbeat and it was a nice steady 159 bpm. Little one was hiding down at my pubic bone..little sneak! I have also been feeling him/her moving around more and more each day. Sadly, not enough force behind it yet for Jameson or Ryden to feel BUT Ryden does like to lay on my belly and listen to baby. I find it really cute. He also like to give baby kisses and hugs :0)

Nothing else really going on. BUT I must give a shout out to my BBC SAHM Chat mommas! Naked, Penise, Tara and all you other ladies!!! Now get back to chat so we are not cleaning or ding laundry!

Monday, September 28, 2009

An Evening Of...

...Silence and well, Ryden's movie over the monitor.

It is going on 10pm my time (Eastern) and here I am in bed. Jameson is snoring away on the couch. It is his new bed since he snores so badly. This he knew was coming due to being pregnant and a horrible sleeper.

Ryden is in his room sleeping I hope. I am listening to Ratatoulli ( did I even spell that right?) over his monitor. He has slept like crap the last day. He woke up from his nap yesturday (yes he REALLY napped for once!) with a 101* fever. A big pile of mush the rest of the afternoon. He did not want to eat anything nor drink his spiked juice. Yes, I put his Motrin in his juice or milk. He will not take it any other way and it sucks if he sees me do it! But I let him just be a mush and have whatever he wanted from the fridge.

Well that did not go over well for bed. He decided he was not sleeping alone and proceeded to use his sick cry to get into bed w/ me. So here we laid for a hour or was midnight at least at one point. He then went back into his room and either dozed off or just started to whine at 1am. I was exhausted. So Jameson got up and laid w/ him. He apparently crashed at 1:30am but the time is still not sure. But by 5am he was crying again! So I made him another cuppy of milk and prayed for sleep. Jameson left for his nerd convention in Philly and I went back to sleep hehe.

No idea what time he woke back up but I did not move until after 9am. So then our day started. But it was not too bad as Ryden did semi okay w/ the potty. He stayed dry the entire time we were out shopping so that is good right? But a couple accidents and well...I will be redoing the carpet cleaning in his room again this week. He has this one problem w/ his potty: forgets to make sure his wizard is behind the splash guard. He is learning and one of these days he will get it.

Crouton is making him/herself known to me. Popping around and sitting in odd spots all the time. I know I know, it is still so small but still! I am wanting the 27th to hurry up and get here! I want to know what the baby is so we can fight about a name already. Now lets just hope the insurance holds out.

Yes the insurance. Jameson is pretty much going to be fired sooner or later. i personally hope for later. Stupid ass T-Mobile morons. You tell him what you want and he does it but still screw him over? Do you not KNOW he has a wife that is pregger and a toddler to take care of?!?!?!?!?!?! I hate them and I hope he does get this other job. He had a interview in Wind Gap this past Friday...same day as fender bender.... and it went REALLY well he said. I am so worried he is going to get fired and we are going to be SCREWED!

Fender Bender...yes must add that to this long blog! Friday, we were running to Wal-Mart to get a tie for his interview. B/c ya know, Ryden just HAS to play w/ daddy's ties and lose them. So while stopped at a light, a Dodge Ram rams us in the rear. She cracked our bumper. So now when you cause the accident, wouldn't you get out and apologize? No not this wanna be druggie hillbilly. No, I am the one that sees if they are okay and tells her she cracked our bumper. She just sits in her car. No sorry, no asking if we are okay. Nothing. Did not even bother to check and see if she had any damage or what she did to my pretty car. Bitch. Get her information and leave.

So while Jameson drives to the interview, I am on the phone w/ her insurance filing a claim. Except the policy number is CANCELED that she gave me! So after a bit of searching, they find her in a new number and get things going. Long story short...they will be paying for my repair, plus a new carseat for Ryden and a rental car if it is needed. I am hoping they do not take his carseat he has now and destroy it. Since it was such a low minor impact, it doesn't REALLY need to be replaced but they have to so we may just save it for Crouton...again as long as it is not destroyed.

Can you tell it has been a great weekend yet?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Month...

In one month, we will know what we are having! One month from today I can give this baby a name other than Crouton or it lol.

My energy is back but late at night. So I rarely sleep most nights. It sucks but I think I am dealing. Ryden likes to snuggle up to baby and give my belly kisses hehe.

Speaking of Ry, he is getting better and better as this potty business goes on. He is telling me most of the time when he has to go and when he does have a accident it is more on purpose than anything. But one step at a time. He is still wearing Pull Ups at night but takes it off in the morning since it has pee in it hahahahaha. I keep his little potty in his room just in case and he tries to use it but doesnt always tuck his wizard behind the shield. He will catch on one day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Trimester Done!

So, finally out of the 1st Trimester! YAY! Starting to feel a bit better than before. Able to actually eat food more than just once a day... if I remember haha. I just want October 27th to get here faster so that we can give Crouton its real name!

My mom and I went out to see my little sister at college. Its a 5 hr drive one way. A good trip for us I think. We talked about a lot of stuff. Got to see Pamela for awhile which was nice. She seems stressed and exhausted. So I told her and her roommate they need to help each other manage time better. I know it will take her hitting a brick wall to listen but hey...its college life right?

Ryden is doing well on potty so far the last couple days! 5 of 7 pees have ended up in the potty! And today, we pooped and pee so far! I can not wait until he is trained completely. Make life easier! I really am hoping that he is fully trained by the time the baby is here. This way only one set of dirty diapers!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Woo Hoo for a Good Baby Appt!

So had my 12 week check up. Jameson is sick Vomit so I told him it would be better if he just stayed home w/ Ryden. Gave me a nice couple hours just me hehe.

All went well. lost more weight (no surprise) and baby was bouncing around like crazy. when dr put the doppler on, 158 and all you could here was this swishing while he/she swam around haha.

I asked her about Swine Flu. Told her how i was not comfortable w/ it. She told me that they are recommending it but not forcing it. If anything, def get the regular flu shot. so that made me feel better.

Told me i could take my Ambien CR but try not to every single night (which i have been avoiding..taking it maybe 1-2x a week) and got my 'hey wic she is pregger' note so shall make that appt on tuesday.

OH! and the big important u/s has be schedule yay! only bad part is it is 830am Yell i was like nooo its a hour drive for me but well it will work i guess.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should Update more often huh?

Just always slips my mind haha.
But all is going as well as it can. We had another ultrasound last week. My due date is 3/13/10 now but that is okay. This little Crouton is a bouncy nut! we were lucky he/she stayed still for a sec so the dr could get a measurement haha.

Ryden got to go w/ us and had this WTF look on his face while the dr scanned me. The baby even waved at us!

Ryden had a 2 yr check up on that morning also. I never should have tried to switch drs b/c he was SO excited to see them! All checked out well w/ him. He is 36 lbs and 37 inches. Finally on the actually chart for his height. He lost a bit of weight but that is okay since he runs around a lot.

This pregnancy is so much different than Ryden. I don't know if it is because w/ him I was in school and focused on that or because I cant just sleep all day if I want to this time. I am definitely sicker this time. My dr joked that the crappier I feel, the better for the baby!

A couple weeks ago we had a pool party at my 2nd cousins house. Ryden had a BLAST! He didn't want to come out of the pool to even eat! That is so not like him. But he had fun and crashed before I even left the driveway. It was a great day for him. We got to see my Aunt Debbie ( her husband was Uncle Phil and she seemed okay. Things have just been so crazy for our family this year. I have been to more funerals in 6 months then 1 person should in a year! (4 from Jan to June/July).

Friday, July 31, 2009


ok here we go!!

Everything went FINE! I love my drs. i love them to pieces so much. and i dont mind driving a hour to see them.

we saw dr. burgey today and she was like " well we just did your anual in jan so no need to do that!" i was like woo hoo!

then she did a quicky on the belly to make sure only 1 in there then a wanding.

i spotted the HB before here lol. she was like " sorry im so bad at driving this thing!" but it was fun. she has a fun sense of humor. i posted a pic on FB. we took pics w/ our cells so we can post it fast. i have one in my bag but that was way more fun.

she said all looks good. then said " well we will have you come back in 3 weeks just to double check the due date" so naturally i was like " Works for me!"

Ryden can come to that one since it will start on belly. but if it has to go trans vaginal we will kick the boys out.

She said that since i had my gallbladder out, it could be the reason why food is going through me so fast and that i can eat dorritos and cheese puffs if i need to hehe. im still dropping weight but no worry.

oh and she asked about vitamins so i told her, yes Ry and i take our Flintstones together. she was like good! they are way better tasting. then before she left she was like, i take them too! hahaha.
Alexis funeral was today. We got there so late but we got there and got to see her mom so that was good. We gave her our love and what not. The fucking press was there also! I was like seriously?? When we got to the gate of the cemetery, we got asked if we were press or friends/family. i was like wow...the press even had a fucking camera there to take pics! how rude is that?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rest in Peace Alexis....

This year for me has been full of too many funerals that one person should not have since January.

Alexis Cohen was a high school friend. We hung out in SASA ( Students Against Substance Abuse), in and out of class and at home. We drifted apart over the years and I am sad it happen. Life got in the way. Moving apart, going our own ways and just not having time.

Alexis Cohen was a victim of a hit and run. They caught the person, Daniel Bark , but still.

So many people know her as the bad mouth over done Glitter Girl on American Idol.

She was NOT a crackhead.
She was NOT a druggie.
She was NOT a mental case.

She was a HUMAN BEING! She was someone's daughter. She was someone's neice. Someone's cousin. She was a PERSON!

All the bashers and haters out there have nothing nice to say and its horrible they are treating her after all this as a joke. She was more than just a AI set up. She would give you the last dollar in her pocket or shirt off her back. She was someone who was passionate for life and loved life. She did not have a easy life but she made it what it was for her...her LIFE.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

So Nice!

Yes, it is nice to be able to go get things done during the normal day.

After Jameson left for work, Ryden and I headed to Walmart for a new garbage can (no luck) and some other few things. Then we headed over to Walnutport to the Mc Donalds for lunch and Play Place. It is pretty humid so it is nice to have a place to go let him run and burn some energy.

We just missed the crowd thank god ( note to self: 1245pm PERFECT time) and so Ryden and this other little boy had the area to themselves. He had a blast running around up and down the steps and playing w/ the toddler toys. He just kept running for a good 30 minutes.

Headed on over to Pathmark since bigger kids were coming into the area and well...didn't want to risk him getting hurt by them not seeing him. He sat in the cart eating him Happy Meal... which was in a BOX...a RED HAPPY SMILE BOX... while mommy picked up a couple things for Tacos tonight yay!

So now we are home. He is laying in bed hopfully napping and I am just relaxing. He is getting better at getting in and out of his carseat which will make it easier come big belly time.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Run Around Day!


Jameson finally found a car. A 1994 Geo Metro. Yes, a tiny putt putt car. It will do awesome on gas and I get my Cobalt back! Now I can take Ryden to the park to burn off energy of his and just be out of the house. I will no longer have to plan around his work schedule and I will be able to just run out when I need to!

Today we had a busy busy day. I had a eye appointment for a check up and new glasses, than to get the car and than to the Chevy dealership. Needed to get a tire fixed, correct a sensor and find out why my airbag code kept coming up. But I got to have my Pita Pit so all was nice. I HIGHLY suggest looking up to see if one is in your area. They are great prices and awesome food.

Tomorrow, we are heading up to my parents house to see some family. A couple relatives are coming in from New York to hang out for the day. It will be nice and Ryden will be able to run around and burn off more energy.

I also have to go get my Pregnant Person blood work done. ICK. The joys of pregnancy! They take like 6 viles of blood so I must make sure I eat something or bring something to eat afterwards. Dam Vampires!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

As The Days go by....

This pregnancy has been SO different than Ryden! I have been getting so nauseous this time around and my face? Oh it is breaking out like crazy! I am not having fun w/ this one!

I am also so much more tired. It has not been bad this week but still stinks. Does not help chasing Ryden around. He has decided that he does not want to play by himself anymore and not work on going potty. UGH! I am determine to get him potty trained BEFORE little Crouton makes its appearance.

We have our first appt and Ultrasound on 7/31 at 1115am. So my mom is coming out to watch Ryden and I get to wake up early! Our OB is a hour away but I love them to pieces so I will travel that far hahaha.

We are still looking for a second car. It really is hard only having the one. I have to plan everything around Jameson's work schedule.

Any donations can be sent to me via PayPal at: :0)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

So little...

So it has been really adventurous since last post.

My Uncle Phil has passed away. It was a complete shock to us all. He was so healthy. He passed due to a Abdominal Aorta Anyersuim. I know I spelled it wrong. It was not a great weekend then. My little sister not only got to celebrate her 18th birthday saying goodbye to him, but also saying goodbye to her GodFather. It was a very hard day for all of us.

But that morning I took a Pregnancy test that came up Positive :0) So, took a couple more over a couple days and sure enough:
So Ryden got a sibling on the way for his Birthday. I still can not believe that my little Ryden is 2 yrs old already! Time sure has flown by. He had a lot of fun hitting his Pinata at his party hahaha.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mommies Funding Research Auction!

Ok, so you may have seen the info in various siggys around BBC about the annual auction to benefit SMA and MPS. If you haven't, you can read about it here:

Do you have an item you would like to donate?? If so, goto the site and I'll tell you exactly where to go to take care of that. All items must be submitted no later than June 29th, so get started sewing or painting or crafting whatever it is you do to help fund research for SMA and MPS. Advertise your personal website right along with your item! Not crafty? That's ok, you can donate a new purchased item as well. All items are tax deductible.

Bidding starts June 29 and runs through July 7. See the auction site for bidding instructions (no bidding before June 29).


My little sister. My little baby sister is graduating high school tomorrow night. She has been through so much the last few years and now she is considered an adult. She is going to be 18 the end of the month. Where did time go? is her site I made for her. She goes off to college this summer and its just wow. She is going out into the world on her own. She gets to not deal w/ my mom being a pain in the butt and bugging her anymore. She gets to be an adult.

Okay, done feeling old. Ryden is currently napping which is a rare one. God I am not excited that he is cutting them out :0(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time Rolls On...

I still can not under a month my little bubba will be 2! Where has the time gone? He is so different from last year this time. Granted, we are as well. This past weekend, he went for a Tractor Ride at my parents house with grandpa:

We are having a Cars Theme Party. Complete w/ a McQueen Pinata and all lol. It will be fun I think. Ill get to see how many ppl I can comfortably have in our apartment. Not many I know but I know the kids will want to stay outside so good on that. Lets just hope the weather holds out.

Ryden's vocabulary is exploding lately. He is picking up new words like crazy. He recently loves to say bubble, NO, door, juice, light. He also is trying to count which is just adorable beyond belief hahaha. He likes to put stuff over his eyes or hide, call Mum Mum and then go BOO! hahahahaha. He is so cute sometimes. He surprises me everyday and no matter how much I want to kill him, he always finds a way to do something cute and redeem himself.

Jameson is getting a car. Thank god! I miss having my car and being able to go out and get stuff done. There have been days where it would have been perfect for a Park Day but no car to go over. I hope this car works out :0)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yes...any FoodTV watcher knows that phrase.
Emeril was in Center Valley Tuesday for a book signing. He is opening a restaurant in the new Sands Casino this weekend. So he had a book signing for his new Grilling book. My mom...HUGE Bam Fan. So when i found out a month ago he was going to be there, i told her to clear her schedule to go.

it was a long day. we got that around 4 or 5. apparently we had to get wristbands but we ended up in the overflow of the 1000. No worry though....Emeril stayed late into the night to sign e

very single book. We got ours done at 1030 and my mom was so thankful to see him and meet him. It was cute!! When he came into the bookstore, he walked right passed us and wow... alot shorter in person than you think!! But it was a nice long day w/ my mom and i was so glad i got to do that w/ her.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

California Vacation!

So things have been hairy but wanted to fill this in some huh?

Went to Cali to see my family finally! I was so excited but it was not a vacation of relaxation. Ryden came along w/ me. He was not a happy camper on the planes but it was great to see my grandma!

Also, got to meet my aunt and cousins which was ALOT of fun! Ryden had a blast playing with them.

It was alot of fun. I was so glad grandma got to meet them all.

Ryden however, is not adjusting back to our time zone greatly. We have been back since 4/30 but he is not sleeping well. Does not want to sleep at a normal time or get up at a normal time. It sucks ass!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rest In Peace Grandpa...

This morning my grandpa passed away. He was 84.

I knew that eventually it was going to happen but still. I am so sad and just unreal. He was so much fun and silly sometimes. He had a joke that was so cheesy:
Their coming for you
Who grandpa?
The squirrels, they think your nuts!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally a Update

Yeah things have been odd.

My monthly friend FINALLY showed up after being MIA for 2 months. Bastard thing. But its good b/c now back on trying to conceive the next one.

Ryden is messing up his sleep schedule everyday. Early mornings SUCKS!

I have a happy sleeping pill and i LOVE getting sleep again!

nothing else is going on. I leave soon for CALI! April 23! i can not WAIT!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blood Test Stuff

So after having my blood stolen and a oh so fun pelvic ultrasound, it came back that my thyroid levels were low.
So I found a primary dr (finally) and went in. My thyroid levels are fine as per her. There is no worry as the missed period and well, i could have just missed one!
She also gave me these awesome pills called Ambien! YAY! SLEEP! I am very thankful them...even though they cost $45 at the pharmacy. I can get Vicodin for $5 but to sleep...$45.

Ryden is picking up new words each day. Which means mommy and daddy need to start watching their lanuage!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello Out There!

So, been a bit busy. My monthly friend has yet to show up. So did some test Thursday and just waiting to hear from the doctor office. I just hope it is nothing serious.

But today for the first time in my life... I GOT A BRAND NEW CAR! Yes brand new, 19 miles, fresh off the line, new car smell not in a bottle! I am so excited! It is a 2009 Chevy Cobalt and its my favorite color blue!

On other notes, have been watching a ton of movies! I love RedBox for being so cheap!

The Eye: Not too bad but less than what they hyped it up to be.

Madagascar 2: Cute and funny. No true full plot line but funny still.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Horrible Movie Time!

So I have a love. It is a love of horror movies. I love to watch and see if they can make me jump from gore or something. It is something I have loved for so long. I have a pretty high standard. I love the act of surprise or the twisted messed up way of something was done. I have loved it since I believe 13 or so. When I would take my own lunch money and rent a movie instead of getting something to eat. Bad I know but hey I was 13!

Saw: Genius! Slowly they are coming out w. more and more 'WTF?' but the massive twist and you think you know but nope is what keeps me going for them. Some of it is just um no but hey, they run w/ something they know is going to be popular.

Tonight, we got the Free Wednesday Code for Redbox. If you do not know, RedBox is this neat little movie rental system. You can find them in grocery stores. It is renting a movie for a dollar a night. Not bad at all. Works out really cheap.

So, on Jameson's way home, he picked up 'Quarintine'. Now, I am all for horror, gore, blood, mess w/ my head. This movie SUCKS! Its like taken Cloverfield and sticking them in a building they can not leave. But instead of some fucked up monster, it is a zombie diease. We fast fwd through ALL of it. Not worth the time of day at ALL! The camera shaking is sicking, the set up is just stupid and I think this movie is pretty close if not the same level of horrible as Cloverfield.

So from time to time, as I see new movies, I shall give you my review just to add more fun into our little blog here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Only East Stroudsburg, Pa can do this!

I sadly went to East Stroudsburg School District and now I am laughing my ASS off!! OH what retards they are....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Family Visting and a Check up!

So yesturday was Ryden's late 18 month check up. 33.10 lbs, 35 inches and a double ear infection :0(

He was GREAT at the doctor office which was nice. He would listen to the doctor while mommy and him talked and let him check out his ears and mouth. It was nice for him to not fight it all haha. Everything else checked out perfectly fine and we dont have to go back until he is 2. Well, in ten days to check his ears but that is it.

Afterwards, we got some breakfast at Mc D's while he played in the play place. We learned to go up the stairs and down the slide! At first it was up and down the steps but once we showed him to go up steps and down slide, he was at it for awhile haha.

We headed out towards Bushkill that afternoon. Hung at my in laws house for a good chunk of time. Ryden gave my mother in law a work out running around the lodge they run haha. Dinner at my parents house and then home late.

It was a long day but it did help move time along! Only a week til the testing or evil monthly friend may show up!! I am hoping for a Positive pee stick!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Week Wait..

So the two week wait has started. For non-parents, it is the two weeks one must deal with from ovulation to period due date.

I hate the wait. I need to find something to keep me busy!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Yeah sometimes life gets in the way w/ blogging. Things have been busy here but I think are slowing down.

Ryden has gotten energy from no clue where! Running around like a nut and just being silly. The weather has been up and down this week so one day he can play outside but then the next, nope. He isn't too happy when we can not play on the porch.

Nothing big to report on any other front. We found a cool park near us so we went their Tuesday but than Wednesday was a eh day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tires, Alignment...YUCK!

So we FINALLY got the tool needed for the Tie Rods to be changed on my car. That alone was a battle. No one had it in stock to buy or loan. To eBay I went and finally got it.

Tuesday Jameson changed the tie rods and flushed the radiator. Then we took it over to Jack Willams. We were at my parents house since the place is out there, they have a garage and well it was just easier in my mind...not really but in my mind it was.

4 tires, alignment, new lugnuts and $400.00 later...we are home! I am so glad it is done. No more shaking or worrying that the tire would blow or fall off while driving.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Yes, it was an AMAZING day here today. After Ry woke up, we ate some lunch and went out for a walk. I popped open all the windows, turned of the heaters and let the apartment just air out.

Ry loved our walk. We went to the local Dollar General and picked up a new ball for him along with a couple other things. When we got back to the apartment, we stayed in the front on the porch and he just played. It was nice to be out of the house. The snow is melting thank god...lets hope it is going to be a nicer day tomorrow.

I was told about a park not too far from here. My great neighbor told me its a few blocks up so I checked it out. Not yet able to go because of snow but soon. I can not wait!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Earrings Came Today!

And the business card is the company card that came w/ them. See its real!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shipping of Earrings...

I wanted to pass out there that i received a email today that the free earrings below have been shipped:

Dear: Theresa

I just wanted to let you know that I've shipped your order as detailed below.

Item Description Qty Price
--------------- --------------------------------------------- --- ----------
Shipping :U.S. Postal Service 1st Class
Tracking Number:
Insurance : 1 $1.10

Sub Total: $119.90
Shipping: $9.90
Insurance: $1.10

Discount: $119.90
Total: $11.00

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the near future.

Sincerely, Customer Service Team

When they arrive, I will let readers know!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow and Ice SUCK!!!!

omg talk about a crazy day!

so today was not all fun. we got our tax refund (yay) so i did some MEGA shopping this morning.

came home, unpacked then paid all the bills and got caught up. then headed to stbg. mailed the rent and package, closed the PO Box then made the mistake of going to my inlaws.

i wasnt planning on it really, but i figure why not drop the money off now when i know i am up here right? so i drive all the way up there. i turn onto their road....sheet of ICE. i slide down the front hill and im like oh no. its a mile long road to get to the lodge they run. so i safetly get all the way to the house only for them not to be there. i leave a note and envelope and begin my way back. i get all the way to the hill...speed up and try to fly up it, i need just a couple more inches and be free but no. i started to slide backwards. i quick hit the break, pop in reverse and try to guide my i safely glide it stuck across the small road. DAMMIT! then i realize i need to get unstuck b/c if they come back and not see me we are so dead by their plow. so i reverse and fwd up and down snow banks and get back to their lodge.

the good thing about my cellphone? i have HotSpot at Home. so my phone can connect to WiFi and make Text which was my only way as a call would not work on the weak signal i had. but i finally got through to jameson to called his parents.

so they got back and while Mark (father in law) ran all the salt up and down the road, we hung out inside. stayed wayyyyy later than i wanted but i wasnt going to be rude.

Back on the road. Mark followed me out just in case. which was good as i got stuck on a different hill. so after backing back down, we tried again only he lowered the plow and pushed! yes it worked thank god. got back to the evil front hill. so i hit the gas and make it but had to time the amount of gas so i didnt get killed by a car coming and me flying across the road.

and of course w/ my luck it is snowing now and the giant mountain of bushkill falls road was covered. just glad i was going down and it was nice and easy.

Stuck 2 happen in my parents driveway! my sis needed to run somewhere quick and got it by the time i got unstuck, it was like 845pm. i flew to target, got 4 boxes of diapers, pee sticks, febreze on sale and a cd. after coupons: $150.00. the only reason i got so many diapers...they were the GIANT boxes and buy 2 get $10.00 gift card. so i got 3 size 5 and 1 size 1 for future.

im freaking tired!!!!! got Ryden in bed and the diapers are still in the card...they look good there right now...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Same ol' Day...

It is Thursday night.
CSI is on but I really am not into it.
ER is going to be a repeat but its the one w/ Dr. Greene flashback so i'll watch it.

Ryden was not feeling well today. So that means mommy doesn't get a chance to sit down more than a minute. He woke up w/ a fever which was not fun. A big mush pile but it was okay.

Let's just hope that he is feeling better tomorrow :0)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Earrings!

This was posted on the Bargain Hunters Board over at by another mom:

FREE Heart Shaped Amethyst Diamond Cut Stud earrings. Follow this link:

1. Add the earrings to your shopping cart.
2. Use promotion code: 0801
3. Click the ADD button to activate the code.
4. Complete checkout.

Regularly $59.95, with the promotion code they're $0.00!

and it works. i ordered 2 for my nieces to get a jump start for christmas. PLUSSSS you can pay through PayPal which is where my Christmas fund is being held this year hehehehe.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Massage Therapist Me...

So, on some boards I go on, people ask questions about massage. So naturally since I am a MT, I jump in to answer. But now it has me thinking.... let me make a post of what to look for when looking for a therapist!

-Schooling and Education:
Many state do NOT have a license to be a Massage Therapist. Pa just passed a law for one and it was a hard work for it. 16 year fight to be exact. Make sure your therapist is up to code on state and local laws.
Also, some states that do not have a law around massage means "weekend taught" therapist. These are the ones that went to a weekend seminar about massage and think they are a therapist. I personally have gone through 2 1/2 years of College and have an Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences. I also have over 1000 hours of hands- on training. Make sure your therapist has a diploma or certificate for massage and ask that they have 500 or more hours of training.

-Client Forms:
A Professional Therapist will WANT to know your history. There are many things in the human body and each surgery, pain, problem, etc is needed to be known. Some conditions are contraindicated (bad) for massage. Example: Blood Clots and/or History. You can die if you get a massage. It is a risk and no therapist would take that risk unless they are only after your money.

A Professional Therapist will NOT force you into a massage or anything you are not comfortable with. They will let you control the speed, pressure, scent of oil, music, etc. Don't like the music? say something. Pressure not right? say something.
Also, most therapist have Professional Affiliations. AMTA Massage is one of the companies.

First impression is EVERYTHING! No good vibe felt from the therapist? Chances are they are not right for you. Follow your gut. They should be warm and professional. Answer any of your questions you have with full answers. Understand what you are talking about medically and will let you know during or after a massage the problem area and what can suggested to help the area.

I could go on and on for hours but those are the biggest points :0) Massage is the best thing in the world to me. It not only feels great but also helps your body release toxins in your muscles and bring blood to places it is needed.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy Cold Days...

So here is Pa it is a lovely 7 degrees. So nice huh? I am very glad for my Remote Car Starter that Hubby got for Christmas hahahaha. By the time I am out of the store and to the car, it is already getting warm on the inside. I think my parents are jealous that we have one.

I got my Treasure Trooper payment the other day. Not as big as December but that is totally ok. Any money this year that goes into my PayPal account will be staying there for Christmas shopping!

This way no running around like a nut in December trying to figure out how I am buying stuff haha.

Ryden cutting his 4 eye teeth...oh fun i know. they are all broken through but they are slowly pushing through the rest of the way.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Life is funny...

So Ryden is cutting teeth. 4 eye teeth to be exact. I can not have the child that does them one by one. No even though they say its better for them to cut them as he does, it SUCKS!

Messed up sleep, cranky mood, silly actions, etc.

Wants nothing to do w/ loosing the bottle but eh I guess I'll hit that when needed. No rush on it.

My older sister came by today. She wanted my brains to help w/ her math homework. She hates math and it hates her. It was nice to see her and Ryden liked it. Since we moved, he doesn't get to see her and the girls all the time anymore. I just love how silent it is hahaha.

Jameson is in full on baby fever. Keeps saying baby when he comes near me haha. Its cute. I hope it happens soon. I really want it. We shall see...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Such a cute bubba...

Ryden is 18 months old. He is a character to the T's. He has his moments where he is up and silly and down and crabby.

Today after Jameson headed to work, Ryden wanted to goto 'work'. He put his beads on his arm, grabbed his keychain, climbed up on mommy to give love (kisses) then climbed down and waved. He did this over and over for a good 3o minutes. It was so nice and sweet. I loved it. He is so cute sometimes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Important Sites

Okay so now it is the posts where I say GO VISIT!

Number 1:
Pennies For Pamela

This is my website for my sister. She suffers from Chiari Malformation Type 1. The medical bills are insane so I hope that by the kindness of people's hearts, I can help my parents make a dent in them.

Number 2:
Treasure Trooper

I use this site to make some spare money. Simple site that really pays you. I have been a member since 2006 on and off and everytime I made payout, I got paid. Here is some proof:

Yes, they pay you through PayPal. I love working on there and it is so simple! You join under me and I will help you make the most out of it.
When someone signs up under you, you make money:
First Level Referral: 20%
Second Level Referral: 5%

Number 3:
This is another site I use to make some spare change. Its mainly click a link, leave it open and your good. I just open tabs and let them be until they credit. The only thing here is that you make more money the more referrals you have.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Beginning....

So, time to join the odd world of blogging. I figure, I need a good outlet to just let loose right? What is better than the internet?

So that being said...BACKGROUND TIME!
- I am 25 yrs old and married to a geek. He is a computer geek who works for T-Mobile.

-I am a stay at home mom to a crazy 18 month old. My giant 32 lbs 34 inch 18 month old. He is the love of my life and I don't think I can ever imagine my life any other way.

- I hold an Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences- Massage Therapy. Yes, I am a Massage Therapist. Not a Masseuse. There is a difference... a $35,000 education. I love making people relax and medical related massaging. Not happy humping massaging.

- I am the middle of 5 children. And the middle sister. It sucks and sometimes I REALLY can not stand my family.

- I do a few online sites to make money. And they pay. A later post will show proof of payment and shit. is a big one. Got paid over $100 last month. GREAT for Christmas!