Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas and baby....

29 weeks now! Look at that belly grow huh? Scary thought that it only 10 weeks away. I have a OB Appt tomorrow actually and my little sister is coming along to help w/ Ryden staying out of drawers and doors.

Christmas has come and gone. Ryden LOVES his train table! It was the last thing we showed him. I stacked all his presents on top of it then Jameson took the lid off and the look of shock was great! He would not stop playing with it. Even stood their watching the train go around while holding a piece of bacon in one hand.

We did our running around to my family and Jameson's family that day and got home pretty late. Then back up Saturday so Jameson could help my dad only to turn around and go back up Sunday to help more. Have I mention that it is a hour drive one way for us to go up there? Was not something we wanted to do all weekend. This Saturday Jameson is working w/ his dad also so back up we go! I plan to go nowhere Friday and Sunday this weekend!

Jameson was VERY excited about his PlayStation 3 he got from me. Set it up Christmas Eve so that Ry was not under foot. He also was glad that Ryden got him a game he wanted along w/ his stepmother. Along w/ a giftcard for a game store and he was set. Me? What did I get? A cute little shop vac for my car! Yes it was something I asked for! I wanted a vacuum for the car so it is easier to clean up after Ryden and Jameson found a cute wet/dry vac haha. A couple season of Gilmore Girls, new robe, Gift Card for Olive Garden and I am good now!

As soon as I get time, I will upload the few pictures from Christmas. We forgot the camera at the house when we headed to family... oops!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Third Trimester!

Can you believe it already? 12 more weeks and my little girl will be here? As you can see above, Ryden wanted in on the picture this morning!

Lena Fetus has been moving around like crazy recently. Especially after yesterday when her brother kept jumping on her. So that had me on the couch all evening just to be on the safe side. But she is bouncing away and up in my ribs all day long. So either she is super long or just that high up in my belly. Either way, it is REALLY annoying while I try to sit.

Where did the year go? When did the year pass us by? I remember getting up and finding out about her and now I am closer and closer to her being here! Christmas seemed like a distant though and now look... its Friday!

Ryden is currently walking around banging a laundry basket in the living room. Why? no idea but it is keeping him out of trouble for now so its nice. He has been a terror lately but hopefully it will start to die down. I am hoping it is more from the change in the family coming soon than just being a terror but no one can really tell for sure.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 Months...

3 months until my due date. In 3 month, I will be the mom of 2 children under the age of 3. It is a scary thought. Where the hell did time go? No really, someone please tell me where time went? I still feel like I just found out yesterday.

All is going well though. Lena Fetus beats me up on a daily and more than daily basis. Ryden likes to talk to baby sissy when he feels like it. Just the other day he was laying his head on my belly and ribbiting to her haha. I cracked up only for him to sh me which made me laugh even harder. He has felt her move a couple times but I do not think he realizes yet.

Jameson got the numbers on how much it will cost for insurance through his work. I do not know how on earth we will afford it. It cuts out so much from his paycheck it is scary. Makes me wonder if me being a stay at home mom truly worth it?

Ryden is trying to escape his room so I will be back...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Weeks Already...

Amazing how fast time flies huh? I can not believe that today is December 1st and I am 25 weeks already!

Had a appointment this afternoon. All is well with Lena Fetus and she is measuring on target. I mention about the horrible Pubic Bone pain and now I must keep off my feet as much as possible. With a potty training toddler running around? Yeah right haha.

While I had my appointment, Ryden got to spend some time with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Chrissy. They took him to the Crayola Factory. Very nifty place for little kids. He had a blast they told me and I am so glad. He is currently sleeping at the moment and I know he is going to be up late but I guess it is worth it.

Thanksgiving wasn't too bad. I was all excited for Ham but it tasted ick. Then the apple pie I have been craving for weeks...not great at ALL. So sad but I will have to just go buy some more Mrs. Smith or something. Here is to hoping Christmas dinner is better!