Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas and baby....

29 weeks now! Look at that belly grow huh? Scary thought that it only 10 weeks away. I have a OB Appt tomorrow actually and my little sister is coming along to help w/ Ryden staying out of drawers and doors.

Christmas has come and gone. Ryden LOVES his train table! It was the last thing we showed him. I stacked all his presents on top of it then Jameson took the lid off and the look of shock was great! He would not stop playing with it. Even stood their watching the train go around while holding a piece of bacon in one hand.

We did our running around to my family and Jameson's family that day and got home pretty late. Then back up Saturday so Jameson could help my dad only to turn around and go back up Sunday to help more. Have I mention that it is a hour drive one way for us to go up there? Was not something we wanted to do all weekend. This Saturday Jameson is working w/ his dad also so back up we go! I plan to go nowhere Friday and Sunday this weekend!

Jameson was VERY excited about his PlayStation 3 he got from me. Set it up Christmas Eve so that Ry was not under foot. He also was glad that Ryden got him a game he wanted along w/ his stepmother. Along w/ a giftcard for a game store and he was set. Me? What did I get? A cute little shop vac for my car! Yes it was something I asked for! I wanted a vacuum for the car so it is easier to clean up after Ryden and Jameson found a cute wet/dry vac haha. A couple season of Gilmore Girls, new robe, Gift Card for Olive Garden and I am good now!

As soon as I get time, I will upload the few pictures from Christmas. We forgot the camera at the house when we headed to family... oops!

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  1. Congrats!! I just had a baby on Oct 22nd. Happy New Years!

    PS I found you through baby center!