Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Trimester Done!

So, finally out of the 1st Trimester! YAY! Starting to feel a bit better than before. Able to actually eat food more than just once a day... if I remember haha. I just want October 27th to get here faster so that we can give Crouton its real name!

My mom and I went out to see my little sister at college. Its a 5 hr drive one way. A good trip for us I think. We talked about a lot of stuff. Got to see Pamela for awhile which was nice. She seems stressed and exhausted. So I told her and her roommate they need to help each other manage time better. I know it will take her hitting a brick wall to listen but hey...its college life right?

Ryden is doing well on potty so far the last couple days! 5 of 7 pees have ended up in the potty! And today, we pooped and pee so far! I can not wait until he is trained completely. Make life easier! I really am hoping that he is fully trained by the time the baby is here. This way only one set of dirty diapers!

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  1. I know the feeling! I am happy to be out of the first trimester. Follow me on here. Good luck with all....