Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mommies Funding Research Auction!

Ok, so you may have seen the info in various siggys around BBC about the annual auction to benefit SMA and MPS. If you haven't, you can read about it here:

Do you have an item you would like to donate?? If so, goto the site and I'll tell you exactly where to go to take care of that. All items must be submitted no later than June 29th, so get started sewing or painting or crafting whatever it is you do to help fund research for SMA and MPS. Advertise your personal website right along with your item! Not crafty? That's ok, you can donate a new purchased item as well. All items are tax deductible.

Bidding starts June 29 and runs through July 7. See the auction site for bidding instructions (no bidding before June 29).


My little sister. My little baby sister is graduating high school tomorrow night. She has been through so much the last few years and now she is considered an adult. She is going to be 18 the end of the month. Where did time go? is her site I made for her. She goes off to college this summer and its just wow. She is going out into the world on her own. She gets to not deal w/ my mom being a pain in the butt and bugging her anymore. She gets to be an adult.

Okay, done feeling old. Ryden is currently napping which is a rare one. God I am not excited that he is cutting them out :0(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time Rolls On...

I still can not under a month my little bubba will be 2! Where has the time gone? He is so different from last year this time. Granted, we are as well. This past weekend, he went for a Tractor Ride at my parents house with grandpa:

We are having a Cars Theme Party. Complete w/ a McQueen Pinata and all lol. It will be fun I think. Ill get to see how many ppl I can comfortably have in our apartment. Not many I know but I know the kids will want to stay outside so good on that. Lets just hope the weather holds out.

Ryden's vocabulary is exploding lately. He is picking up new words like crazy. He recently loves to say bubble, NO, door, juice, light. He also is trying to count which is just adorable beyond belief hahaha. He likes to put stuff over his eyes or hide, call Mum Mum and then go BOO! hahahahaha. He is so cute sometimes. He surprises me everyday and no matter how much I want to kill him, he always finds a way to do something cute and redeem himself.

Jameson is getting a car. Thank god! I miss having my car and being able to go out and get stuff done. There have been days where it would have been perfect for a Park Day but no car to go over. I hope this car works out :0)