Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Friday, July 31, 2009


ok here we go!!

Everything went FINE! I love my drs. i love them to pieces so much. and i dont mind driving a hour to see them.

we saw dr. burgey today and she was like " well we just did your anual in jan so no need to do that!" i was like woo hoo!

then she did a quicky on the belly to make sure only 1 in there then a wanding.

i spotted the HB before here lol. she was like " sorry im so bad at driving this thing!" but it was fun. she has a fun sense of humor. i posted a pic on FB. we took pics w/ our cells so we can post it fast. i have one in my bag but that was way more fun.

she said all looks good. then said " well we will have you come back in 3 weeks just to double check the due date" so naturally i was like " Works for me!"

Ryden can come to that one since it will start on belly. but if it has to go trans vaginal we will kick the boys out.

She said that since i had my gallbladder out, it could be the reason why food is going through me so fast and that i can eat dorritos and cheese puffs if i need to hehe. im still dropping weight but no worry.

oh and she asked about vitamins so i told her, yes Ry and i take our Flintstones together. she was like good! they are way better tasting. then before she left she was like, i take them too! hahaha.
Alexis funeral was today. We got there so late but we got there and got to see her mom so that was good. We gave her our love and what not. The fucking press was there also! I was like seriously?? When we got to the gate of the cemetery, we got asked if we were press or friends/family. i was like wow...the press even had a fucking camera there to take pics! how rude is that?

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