Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yesturday was such a whirlwind but now i can sit and tell all about it!

My mom calls me like 20 minutes before i have to leave (instead of the hour before) that she is running late. so i fast throw the car seat and everything back in the car and FLY to the hospital.

We get there and switch cars since Ry fell asleep lol. she takes him and i get Gimpy ( My sister) and I head to Radiology. They took us back pretty fast actually.

The tech had a student so i knew right away it was going to be a bit more detailed to teach her hehe. We chatted a bit while heading to the room and told her how we MUST know what the baby is!

We were there for a good HOUR taking measurements and shots. It wasnt until the very end they got a fast picture of between her legs. (i love it HER legs!) she was being so stubborn! but they got the shot fast and Gimpy i think was going to fall out of the wheel chair hahaha. The tech was like ' i dont see a penis so i am really thinking GIRL! ' i cried! i did. the tears just fell i was so happy :0)

So we get all cleaned up and Gimpy is like 'omg hurrry up and call Jameson! Hurry up! i gotta tell ppl!!!' so try steering through a hospital w a wheel chair while trying to text message and call hubby haha. i should mention how her leg is straight out since she has a immobilizer on it haha.

But we finally get signal for my phone, and i hit send on my 30 person mass text haha. When i called Jameson, he was shocked but i think he is excited. My poor phone couldnt handle all the text coming back in hahaha. every like sec i was hearing ' new message, new message'.

We went over to get some lunch and she called the food store to get ahold of the bakery to make the Pink Canolis haha. But it was done and we had out Pitas. Then she was like ' we are not leaving w/o going into Children's Place and getting a outfit!' (and they are having a great sale this week! got Lena a pair of cute sneaker for only 5 bucks!)

So we headed to my moms and get the dessert. we got there and had the girls and Ry gather around. Ry opened the box and EVERYONE was shocked! my mom swore up and down it was a boy haha.

Jameson's parents were so hoping for a girl. So i put the sneakers in a box w/ the canolis and headed up there. my MIL:

Opens box " its canolis...and there PINK?!?!?!!? OMG!!!' so they are uber duper excited now.

A little girl! I am going to have a little GIRL!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Life in General...

So things are going okay. Jameson LOVES his new job. The car is getting fixed finally and Ryden is doing eh on potty training.

Next week, we go for a ultrasound! Get to find out what the baby is and I can not wait! Crouton has become more and more active lately. Still can't feel it on the outside but definitely can tell I am pregnant! I can not wait until Ryden can feel the baby! I am sure he is going to be weirded out at first but then think it is fun. He likes to give baby hugs and kisses so that is a start right?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Many Changes Are Coming....

...yes they are!

Jameson quit T-Mobile. YES! He got a job offer from the place he went to the interview for a couple weeks i think ago. Same day as fender bender mention below. He is on his own little 'vacation' this week while he waits for the 12th to roll around to start the new job. More money yay!

With the quitting happening, we lose our insurance at the end of the month. Meaning I HAVE to have my ultrasound before 10/ is now: 10/22! So on that day, we will know what Crouton is. My mom is coming along to watch Ryden in the waiting room. He isn't allowed in the room apparently which really sucks but that just means I get to have a secret all day! I went for a check up this past Friday and after the Phy. Asst took awhile, we found the heartbeat and it was a nice steady 159 bpm. Little one was hiding down at my pubic bone..little sneak! I have also been feeling him/her moving around more and more each day. Sadly, not enough force behind it yet for Jameson or Ryden to feel BUT Ryden does like to lay on my belly and listen to baby. I find it really cute. He also like to give baby kisses and hugs :0)

Nothing else really going on. BUT I must give a shout out to my BBC SAHM Chat mommas! Naked, Penise, Tara and all you other ladies!!! Now get back to chat so we are not cleaning or ding laundry!