Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Run Around Day!


Jameson finally found a car. A 1994 Geo Metro. Yes, a tiny putt putt car. It will do awesome on gas and I get my Cobalt back! Now I can take Ryden to the park to burn off energy of his and just be out of the house. I will no longer have to plan around his work schedule and I will be able to just run out when I need to!

Today we had a busy busy day. I had a eye appointment for a check up and new glasses, than to get the car and than to the Chevy dealership. Needed to get a tire fixed, correct a sensor and find out why my airbag code kept coming up. But I got to have my Pita Pit so all was nice. I HIGHLY suggest looking up to see if one is in your area. They are great prices and awesome food.

Tomorrow, we are heading up to my parents house to see some family. A couple relatives are coming in from New York to hang out for the day. It will be nice and Ryden will be able to run around and burn off more energy.

I also have to go get my Pregnant Person blood work done. ICK. The joys of pregnancy! They take like 6 viles of blood so I must make sure I eat something or bring something to eat afterwards. Dam Vampires!

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