Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Monday, December 21, 2009

Third Trimester!

Can you believe it already? 12 more weeks and my little girl will be here? As you can see above, Ryden wanted in on the picture this morning!

Lena Fetus has been moving around like crazy recently. Especially after yesterday when her brother kept jumping on her. So that had me on the couch all evening just to be on the safe side. But she is bouncing away and up in my ribs all day long. So either she is super long or just that high up in my belly. Either way, it is REALLY annoying while I try to sit.

Where did the year go? When did the year pass us by? I remember getting up and finding out about her and now I am closer and closer to her being here! Christmas seemed like a distant though and now look... its Friday!

Ryden is currently walking around banging a laundry basket in the living room. Why? no idea but it is keeping him out of trouble for now so its nice. He has been a terror lately but hopefully it will start to die down. I am hoping it is more from the change in the family coming soon than just being a terror but no one can really tell for sure.

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