Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Friday, September 4, 2009

Woo Hoo for a Good Baby Appt!

So had my 12 week check up. Jameson is sick Vomit so I told him it would be better if he just stayed home w/ Ryden. Gave me a nice couple hours just me hehe.

All went well. lost more weight (no surprise) and baby was bouncing around like crazy. when dr put the doppler on, 158 and all you could here was this swishing while he/she swam around haha.

I asked her about Swine Flu. Told her how i was not comfortable w/ it. She told me that they are recommending it but not forcing it. If anything, def get the regular flu shot. so that made me feel better.

Told me i could take my Ambien CR but try not to every single night (which i have been avoiding..taking it maybe 1-2x a week) and got my 'hey wic she is pregger' note so shall make that appt on tuesday.

OH! and the big important u/s has be schedule yay! only bad part is it is 830am Yell i was like nooo its a hour drive for me but well it will work i guess.

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