Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where did time go?

Between the FREAK warm weather in Pa recently and the holidays right around the corner, things are moving around here quickly!
Above is Super Ryden or Gymnastic Ryden landing his dismount...either way, he is enjoying the freak 60 degree weather we have been seeing lately. Its nice don't get me wrong but when it is the END of NOVEMBER and i can take him out w/o a jacket on? Just a tad over doing it. But he is not coupe up in the house for too long thankfully. Those days are the ones I wish I had more duct tape to hold him to the wall. ( I KID!)

Lena has been becoming more and more active lately. The moment I stop moving, she decides to move around. I mean it is a good thing I feel her so often but when it is midnight and I just want to crash, not so much fun. Though I do believe that Jameson is coming around to having a little girl. He probably will not admit it but I am sure she is going to have him wrapped around her little finger haha.

The holidays are upon us. They started the freaking Christmas music already also. Its not even Thanksgiving yet but apparently you can not wait until Black Friday to start. Speaking of which, there is not one good decent sale in those ads this year! I am so disappointed on that one.

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