Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Family Visting and a Check up!

So yesturday was Ryden's late 18 month check up. 33.10 lbs, 35 inches and a double ear infection :0(

He was GREAT at the doctor office which was nice. He would listen to the doctor while mommy and him talked and let him check out his ears and mouth. It was nice for him to not fight it all haha. Everything else checked out perfectly fine and we dont have to go back until he is 2. Well, in ten days to check his ears but that is it.

Afterwards, we got some breakfast at Mc D's while he played in the play place. We learned to go up the stairs and down the slide! At first it was up and down the steps but once we showed him to go up steps and down slide, he was at it for awhile haha.

We headed out towards Bushkill that afternoon. Hung at my in laws house for a good chunk of time. Ryden gave my mother in law a work out running around the lodge they run haha. Dinner at my parents house and then home late.

It was a long day but it did help move time along! Only a week til the testing or evil monthly friend may show up!! I am hoping for a Positive pee stick!!!

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