Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

No... Not Yet....


Yup. Still cooking Lena Fetus. She thinks it is fun to start some contractions but then stop them. My pubic bone freaking hurts like a mother effer and its impossible to get up from laying down. It hurts, the muscles pull, and then gravity comes through and she goes DOWN.

Saturday, I spent the day having contractions. They were on and off and more annoying than anything until I would lay down and they would go up and down my back. So I make the call to doctor (who naturally is not on call that weekend) and head over to the hospital.

Nope, she must have sensed I was on medical grounds as they STOPPED completely. Frustrating? Oh yes, all that for nothing. Should I also mention how the doctor that was there was a complete bitch? No really, a attitude of 'how dare you come in and bug me with this?' attitude. I wanted to knee her in the face. We walked around the floor for awhile and hoped for a change but nothing. Jameson had a attitude also making me feel like complete shit. Because, you know, I planned having a false alarm and making him lose the overtime he had.

Nothing was different from my doctor appointment on the Thursday before either. Sill just shy of 3 cm, 70% effacement and -1 station.

Tomorrow, I so better be further along w/ all these pains she keeps giving me!

Sunday, we tried to walk around the mall. That failed as it was so hot in there, I almost passed out. Not a fun thing. So since my little sister spent the night, we took her home. Ryden ended up staying at my parents house that night also! I was exhausted from not sleeping and just wanted her OUT. moving day! Oh yes, I am so determine to get this child moving to the outside that I moved 2 dressers to different rooms, lifted my heavy ass tv twice and rearranged the living room. You would think SOMETHING would happen? NOPE! Not a dam thing.

Tuesday...went up to my parents house as Ryden misses mommy. Well the freak rain/hail storm turned itself in a surprise snow storm. This resulted in my mom sliding my dad's car into the ditch and having a tire up in the air along w/ us spending the night. All was fine and I even got pictures I must upload.

Wednesday... came home. Still cooking a Lena Fetus. Having a million and one text messages from friends about why I didn't post on the boards and if I was still pregnant, where was I etc. I have no signal near my parents ( T-Mobile) so when I did cross that line, my poor phone would not stop telling me 'New Message'.

So here I sit Thursday. Jameson worked from home which is a pain in the ass. The snow-a-cane is going on outside and tomorrow mom, Ry and I have a trip to the doctor! Got a bunch of laundry done and folded along with being put away! Oh and if you know me, you KNOW how much I HATE putting it away!

Lena Fetus....Do I need to install a GPS? Tomorrow we better have good news!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog Spotlight: Epic Fail

EpicFail is our Blog of the Week!

It is a fun/sad sometimes blog of a great mom on ( catching on that I am on BabyCenter ALOT?)

Her blog talks about life, pregnancy and a important topic no parent should have to deal with in their life...the lost of a child. She tells it like it is and it is a fun read. She will also do a post of picture stories from time to time that are fun to go through!

This blogger is actually expecting her next little boy so bounce on over to it and give it a good read! I promise you, you will not be able to walk away!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Will I Just Pop Already?

No really? Can I just pop already?

I am so uncomfortable, my belly is uber tight, the contractions are irregular and on and off, oh and she still trying to come out the wrong way!

We are at the 36 week mark. Dr visits are now weekly. Last check, I was dilated 1-2 cm and 50% thinned out. Her heartbeat is great and I am just going to implant a GPS in my uterus to help her find her way out. Oh and I should mention how the Dr said her head is LOW and RIGHT THERE!

See, I am going to just pop soon. This is the view I have each and every day. Well, not the same shirt but you get my drift. Also, do not mind the stain on the bald guy's head. That was dinner last night. We were hoping that the Chinese Food would have SOMETHING in it that would trigger labor.

I know, I know, still 4 more weeks until my due date but STILL! I am so over being pregnant. The movements are just becoming painful now.

Ryden however, I am sure he can wait for his sissy to get here. He likes being the center of attention. He has been acting out a lot lately. I think he knows that change will be here soon. Jameson and him take anytime they can to play their 'Buddy' game. It is a game on the PlayStation 3. Its called Little Big Planet and it is just adorable. Totally and kid friendly game and one that I suggest for any parent to get their kid. Its simple to play and nothing scary at all. Well, the characters are a bit creepy a scary pop up book but cute.

Click the picture and you get a link to to see it. Its a little sack guy! And you get to dress him up w/ stickers or outfits you collect. Really cute so look into it if you have a PS3 and a toddler!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rest In Peace Capt Harris...

Capt Phil Harris Passes Away

Normally I do a Blog Spot on Wednesday however, Jameson woke me up to some sad news. I do not know how many of my followers I have watch The Deadliest Catch but I am a HUGE fan of the show. Yes, its a show about crabbing but something about that show pulls you in and you are sucked in. I know, I have a odd collection of shows I watch! House, Deadliest Catch, Duggars, Gilmore Girls, etc.

Phil Harris was one of the Captains of a crab boat. The Cornelia Marie was his vessel. He sadly passed away yesterday from complications of a stroke he had the end of January. If you are not familiar with the show, he was the one that was covered in tattoos, scary mountain man looking but was a giant teddy bear on the inside. His two sons were part of his crew and just as great as he was.

You will be greatly missed by many fan Phil and thank you for opening up your lifestyle to many people in the world.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Shower and 5 More to Go!

Yay! we are coming into the home stretch! 35 weeks right now and she is DROPPING lower. I am still worried she will come out with a penis. No seriously I am. All this pink and purple clothing and then BAM! a Penis in our face! Lena Fetus like to push her ass or knee or something up and down on my right side under my ribs which is not fun. Plus, I am at the point of ' nope mommy you are not going to sleep tonight as you need to be ready for my nightly wakings!'

This past Saturday we had my Baby Shower :0) Lots of fun! Two of my Leftover mommy friends came and it was a blast to see them again! Ryden and Bethany had ALOT of fun playing together while we all caught up and ate hehehe. Its so great to get together and hang out with friends and family especially when celebrating a new life :0)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blog Spotlight: Baby Cheapskate!

Looking for a good bargain? Curious as to know what is coming or may be coming in the way of deals soon? Then you MUST check out: Baby Cheapskate

This blogger each day post about daily deals, coupon locations, Sunday Diaper and Formula Deal of the Week and more! She is great at tracking down savings and moving them on to us to discover!

I HIGHLY suggest following this one if you are into saving money like I love to do!

Monday, February 1, 2010

34 Weeks...

Nothing new there. 34 weeks now. She is still beating me up in the ribs. Walking is becoming a pain in the ass. Ryden is always wanting me to pick him up and I can't.

But, my doctor appointment went well last week. Still measuring on track and weight gain is not huge. They did the fun Group B Strep swab...yuck.

Ryden is still refusing to poop on the potty. He holds it in until he is going down for his nap or bed when he has a pull up on. Then if not noticed soon enough, he removes said Pull Up and then well you can imagine.

My baby shower is this weekend yay! Defiantly need a good fun weekend party. Granted, a couple people who I really can not stand and do not like will be there, but I will make do! Still do not understand why my sister's ex mother in law wanted to come. My mom's reply? ' Well she is family!' NOT MY FAMILY! Just what I want, someone that told me how I always looked better pregnant than not at my shower. Yup, she is one of those type of people. Tries to politely insult you. So nice huh?