Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Monday, September 28, 2009

An Evening Of...

...Silence and well, Ryden's movie over the monitor.

It is going on 10pm my time (Eastern) and here I am in bed. Jameson is snoring away on the couch. It is his new bed since he snores so badly. This he knew was coming due to being pregnant and a horrible sleeper.

Ryden is in his room sleeping I hope. I am listening to Ratatoulli ( did I even spell that right?) over his monitor. He has slept like crap the last day. He woke up from his nap yesturday (yes he REALLY napped for once!) with a 101* fever. A big pile of mush the rest of the afternoon. He did not want to eat anything nor drink his spiked juice. Yes, I put his Motrin in his juice or milk. He will not take it any other way and it sucks if he sees me do it! But I let him just be a mush and have whatever he wanted from the fridge.

Well that did not go over well for bed. He decided he was not sleeping alone and proceeded to use his sick cry to get into bed w/ me. So here we laid for a hour or was midnight at least at one point. He then went back into his room and either dozed off or just started to whine at 1am. I was exhausted. So Jameson got up and laid w/ him. He apparently crashed at 1:30am but the time is still not sure. But by 5am he was crying again! So I made him another cuppy of milk and prayed for sleep. Jameson left for his nerd convention in Philly and I went back to sleep hehe.

No idea what time he woke back up but I did not move until after 9am. So then our day started. But it was not too bad as Ryden did semi okay w/ the potty. He stayed dry the entire time we were out shopping so that is good right? But a couple accidents and well...I will be redoing the carpet cleaning in his room again this week. He has this one problem w/ his potty: forgets to make sure his wizard is behind the splash guard. He is learning and one of these days he will get it.

Crouton is making him/herself known to me. Popping around and sitting in odd spots all the time. I know I know, it is still so small but still! I am wanting the 27th to hurry up and get here! I want to know what the baby is so we can fight about a name already. Now lets just hope the insurance holds out.

Yes the insurance. Jameson is pretty much going to be fired sooner or later. i personally hope for later. Stupid ass T-Mobile morons. You tell him what you want and he does it but still screw him over? Do you not KNOW he has a wife that is pregger and a toddler to take care of?!?!?!?!?!?! I hate them and I hope he does get this other job. He had a interview in Wind Gap this past Friday...same day as fender bender.... and it went REALLY well he said. I am so worried he is going to get fired and we are going to be SCREWED!

Fender Bender...yes must add that to this long blog! Friday, we were running to Wal-Mart to get a tie for his interview. B/c ya know, Ryden just HAS to play w/ daddy's ties and lose them. So while stopped at a light, a Dodge Ram rams us in the rear. She cracked our bumper. So now when you cause the accident, wouldn't you get out and apologize? No not this wanna be druggie hillbilly. No, I am the one that sees if they are okay and tells her she cracked our bumper. She just sits in her car. No sorry, no asking if we are okay. Nothing. Did not even bother to check and see if she had any damage or what she did to my pretty car. Bitch. Get her information and leave.

So while Jameson drives to the interview, I am on the phone w/ her insurance filing a claim. Except the policy number is CANCELED that she gave me! So after a bit of searching, they find her in a new number and get things going. Long story short...they will be paying for my repair, plus a new carseat for Ryden and a rental car if it is needed. I am hoping they do not take his carseat he has now and destroy it. Since it was such a low minor impact, it doesn't REALLY need to be replaced but they have to so we may just save it for Crouton...again as long as it is not destroyed.

Can you tell it has been a great weekend yet?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Month...

In one month, we will know what we are having! One month from today I can give this baby a name other than Crouton or it lol.

My energy is back but late at night. So I rarely sleep most nights. It sucks but I think I am dealing. Ryden likes to snuggle up to baby and give my belly kisses hehe.

Speaking of Ry, he is getting better and better as this potty business goes on. He is telling me most of the time when he has to go and when he does have a accident it is more on purpose than anything. But one step at a time. He is still wearing Pull Ups at night but takes it off in the morning since it has pee in it hahahahaha. I keep his little potty in his room just in case and he tries to use it but doesnt always tuck his wizard behind the shield. He will catch on one day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Trimester Done!

So, finally out of the 1st Trimester! YAY! Starting to feel a bit better than before. Able to actually eat food more than just once a day... if I remember haha. I just want October 27th to get here faster so that we can give Crouton its real name!

My mom and I went out to see my little sister at college. Its a 5 hr drive one way. A good trip for us I think. We talked about a lot of stuff. Got to see Pamela for awhile which was nice. She seems stressed and exhausted. So I told her and her roommate they need to help each other manage time better. I know it will take her hitting a brick wall to listen but hey...its college life right?

Ryden is doing well on potty so far the last couple days! 5 of 7 pees have ended up in the potty! And today, we pooped and pee so far! I can not wait until he is trained completely. Make life easier! I really am hoping that he is fully trained by the time the baby is here. This way only one set of dirty diapers!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Woo Hoo for a Good Baby Appt!

So had my 12 week check up. Jameson is sick Vomit so I told him it would be better if he just stayed home w/ Ryden. Gave me a nice couple hours just me hehe.

All went well. lost more weight (no surprise) and baby was bouncing around like crazy. when dr put the doppler on, 158 and all you could here was this swishing while he/she swam around haha.

I asked her about Swine Flu. Told her how i was not comfortable w/ it. She told me that they are recommending it but not forcing it. If anything, def get the regular flu shot. so that made me feel better.

Told me i could take my Ambien CR but try not to every single night (which i have been avoiding..taking it maybe 1-2x a week) and got my 'hey wic she is pregger' note so shall make that appt on tuesday.

OH! and the big important u/s has be schedule yay! only bad part is it is 830am Yell i was like nooo its a hour drive for me but well it will work i guess.