Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sorry Sorry


Things have been so crazy and nuts. Ryden starts school next week, Lena is trying to get moving on her own, Jameson and I have had our ups and downs.

Ryden starts school! Ryden starts Pre School!! I can not wait! We had his open house last week. He met his teacher and classmates which was so nice. We got to see where he will be, his cubby, the play room, jungle gym, etc. He is excited and so am I.

We also have mastered peeing standing up! I taught him yesterday. I lack the equipment obviously but I did figure a way and he likes to do it! Now if only he would poop....

Lena is getting so BIG! She is 6 months old now. Where did 6 months go? She is trying to move around in her walker and loves to eat her stuffed animals haha.

I got a new toy or two!! Yup. Brand new (sorta) washer and dryer! My washer decided it did not want to work anymore. This one stupid piece broke. You would think they would sell it? NOPE! They no longer make it separate from the motor. We would have to drop a ton of money on a whole new motor just for this one piece.

So, thankfully through some other ways, we got a set of washer and dryer. Came w/ a little drawer thing that holds all stuff. Its nice. Its pretty. I will get a picture on here soon. Its front loaders and I can actually get INTO my laundry room w/o climbing over stuff. And the way the stuff gets clean?? Oh man I love it! I am having fun washing EVERYTHING I can haha.

My birthday is tomorrow. Yup. 27 tomorrow. Happy Birthday to Me...