Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Month...

In one month, we will know what we are having! One month from today I can give this baby a name other than Crouton or it lol.

My energy is back but late at night. So I rarely sleep most nights. It sucks but I think I am dealing. Ryden likes to snuggle up to baby and give my belly kisses hehe.

Speaking of Ry, he is getting better and better as this potty business goes on. He is telling me most of the time when he has to go and when he does have a accident it is more on purpose than anything. But one step at a time. He is still wearing Pull Ups at night but takes it off in the morning since it has pee in it hahahahaha. I keep his little potty in his room just in case and he tries to use it but doesnt always tuck his wizard behind the shield. He will catch on one day!

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