Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

In one year...

A baby

A potty trained toddler

A Preschooler

A Wedding

A Organ removal
A long awaited family reunion out of the country

Next year? I plan to update atleast once a week. More pictures. More randomness. More family drama. More love.

2011 is going to be HUGE!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ahh the life...

Ear Tubes. Crawling. Cleaning. Vacuuming.

That has been my life recently.

Ryden had ear tubes put in a couple weeks back. He gets such extreme ear infections that are painful and long weeks of fighting to get meds in him. So finally, we got tubes in his ears. He is defiantly better since!

Lena is mobile. We are crawling all over the place and pulling up like crazy. She is currently ripping up her diaper holder on the coffee table.

So now, everything is cleaned everyday. Talk about a pain! Ryden likes to leave little things all over so he is starting to learn he can not do that.

We are going to visit Canada soon! Can not wait to go see family! Great Great Gramie (for the kids!) Lena is over the moon excited to see them! She was so touched when we decided to name Lena after her. It is our first real family vacation so wish us luck!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

there is a new payment center opening up soon. Get in on the ground floor and you can get a nice pretty balance when they go 'live'. Sign up for a $50 bonus. Have your friends sign up under you for a extra $5 bonus. Then, sign in each and everyday, watch your balance grow!

Once they hit over 2 million users, they will go live and you will be able to use the money. They just started in September and I was lucky to get in early. My current balance? $590.14.

If anything, you just took a moment in your day and signed in so what will it hurt?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

And was November....

Yes. November is here on Monday. Where on earth did time go? Oh that is right...a baby, a toddler, a husband, a lost of apendix.

Yup. Lets add in the extra fun of a surgery for mommy here. On Sept 27th, Jameson took me to the ER for pain. I could barely stand it was so bad. This was after I took Ry to the dr for a ear infection. My mom stayed with the kids and I went to the hospital. A few hours later, it has to come out.

Now when one hears they have to have  surgery and they have kids, they would assume 'lets hope all goes well so I see them again.' No not me. Instead I go 'shit! How the fuck are we going to afford this?!?!?!?'

I do not have insurance. We can not afford it. The kids are covered sure. I am not. The bill is now up to over $20,000. Jameson makes just a tad too much for me to get help from the state. So now I have to contact the hospital and see if they have some charities that can help me out.

This. Sucks. Ass. If you ever lived w/o insurance you know it sucks. If you never had to experience it, you are lucky.  Maybe I can find a way to sell something on here to help w. the bill.

My Lena Beana Head is officially 8 months old today. She is trying to crawl. She wants to walk. I am screwed when she becomes mobile.

Ryden I think is officially potty trained! *dances in delight* He will go all on his own, wipe his butt most of the time and is dry waking up most nights. I am excited. It is a big thing for us as I have been working on this for over a YEAR!

Thursday, October 7, 2010



it is a new up and coming payout site. apparently, they will be similar to PayPal for sending and receiving money. They currently have a $50 sign up bonus plus$5 for each referral. So check it out and sign up!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sorry Sorry


Things have been so crazy and nuts. Ryden starts school next week, Lena is trying to get moving on her own, Jameson and I have had our ups and downs.

Ryden starts school! Ryden starts Pre School!! I can not wait! We had his open house last week. He met his teacher and classmates which was so nice. We got to see where he will be, his cubby, the play room, jungle gym, etc. He is excited and so am I.

We also have mastered peeing standing up! I taught him yesterday. I lack the equipment obviously but I did figure a way and he likes to do it! Now if only he would poop....

Lena is getting so BIG! She is 6 months old now. Where did 6 months go? She is trying to move around in her walker and loves to eat her stuffed animals haha.

I got a new toy or two!! Yup. Brand new (sorta) washer and dryer! My washer decided it did not want to work anymore. This one stupid piece broke. You would think they would sell it? NOPE! They no longer make it separate from the motor. We would have to drop a ton of money on a whole new motor just for this one piece.

So, thankfully through some other ways, we got a set of washer and dryer. Came w/ a little drawer thing that holds all stuff. Its nice. Its pretty. I will get a picture on here soon. Its front loaders and I can actually get INTO my laundry room w/o climbing over stuff. And the way the stuff gets clean?? Oh man I love it! I am having fun washing EVERYTHING I can haha.

My birthday is tomorrow. Yup. 27 tomorrow. Happy Birthday to Me...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Time Flies...

Ryden is 3 yrs old. Lena is 4.5 months old. I feel like a train hit me and yet...time flies!

Yes, my little nuts.

So much yet so little has gone on since last update. Jameson FINALLY has his car back on the road. $500 later that we really did not have but luckily he worked w/ his dad to get. I have my car back now thank god. I missed it. I missed being able to up and go out if needed or wanted. Not that I even can now! Yup, my pretty car is sitting back there wanting to be driven by me. I have to watch the milage use thought. Cutting a tad close to the limit before they say no free tires! Thursday, oil change, alignment, rotation and maybe new tires...oh boy! im sure the bank account will not be happy! Though, now that Jameson is not driving it back and forth to work anymore, the 3,000 miles will add up slower. I hope.
Lena is getting so big :0) :0( Where has time gone already??? This was this past weekend:

She looks huge in this picture but she isn't. I think it was just the angle haha. She is currently 15.5 lbs and 25 inches. A full 5 lbs 2 inch smaller than her brother at this age! She is still my little hairy peanut though!! She loves her feet and talking all day long.
Cereal is a new food group for her and she loves it. Rice in the morning and Oatmeal at night. YUM!

Ryden turned 3years old. And finally level on his weight and size.

This was at the same party this past weekend. Cupcake boy!

We were celebrating Wyatt's Birthday. Wyatt is the son of one of my mommy  friends from I love my friends there and so thankful a few live close enough to drive to!

Yup, the boys just hanging out. It was a great day and something I sooo needed after all the drama in the family. Another post for another day.

So yup, that is pretty much it really. Jameson got clipped and feeling better, Ryden is getting ready for Pre-School, Lena is eating her toes...everyone is on track!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Three Years Ago Today...

.. I had a doctor appointment. It was one of my final weekly appointments. It was a monday. I saw Dr. Lamb and I asked about an induction. I was 38 weeks to the day and done being pregnant. She told me how they do not do it until 39 weeks but they will see.

It was finals week. Last week of college for the semester and I was looking forward to the summer off. As I left for my final final, there was a phone call. Now, pregnant me was already out the door and did not hear it so it is okay. It was my doctor's office calling to tell me that my induction was set for Sunday July 1st.

Could it be? THREE YEARS have passed since then? What has happen in three years and where did it go?

On Thursday, Ryden.. my little crazy big toddler will be 3. He is starting PreSchool in September. He is growing up. He can put sentences together, chose what he wants to eat or wear, be a pain in my ass, pretend to play like no tomorrow and drive me nuts. But I love my Bubba. I never ever want to know what life would have been like if he never came.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Out With Thomas!

This is how our Tuesday 6/15 started. It is a 2 hour drive to Strasburg, Pa. But TOTALLY worth it!

 I have to give credit to ' John and Kate Plus 8' as they did it on the show. But Ryden got into the evil Thomas. He is expensive. It drives me nuts but he loves him and I can not deny him.

So, we took Ryden to the ' Day Out with Thomas' event. We also did not tell him what we were doing. Lena was at my brother and future sister in law's house. Since Ryden's birthday is a couple weeks away, we wanted to make it all about him.

Jameson's parents bought the tickets. They were suppose to come but last minute couldn't and felt horrible. We did also. But here is the day in pictures!

Like I said, we did not tell him where we were going

Once we got to the front though, he KNEW

They had it set up that you could take a picture w/ Thomas in the front:

They had ALOT to do while hanging out. They had these cranky cars that you did by hand:

Thomas ride was pretty much a back and forth on a track but still pretty cool. They also had this pumping train that was a cute ride.

This is our train ride!

Ryden gave the guy his ticket below

I Love that picture above!

It was a fun day and he got really cranky but totally worth it for him. I was so happy to see him so excited. He got scared of Sir Topham Hat so we don't have a picture of that but still. Our day in Amish Country ended as any toddler adventure would:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Yup. Jameson's snipping has happen. It happen this past Friday. It was a crazy weekend and have to let you know all about it!

Thursday, I was taking Ryden up to my parents house. The plan was for him to spend the weekend until Monday there. This way, he would not jump up on Jameson and his members. Would have sucked. So, i left Jameson home with Lena while Ryden and I went to pick up my sister in law Chrissy. She had a bunch of errands related to the wedding so it was a good day to get out.

Well, after picking up my little sister, I get a called that pretty much threw a monkey wrench into the weekend plans. My niece Krysta has Strep. Ryden can NOT stay at my parents since that is where nieces live. Yup. Screwed. Not the word i used but still. Now, the figuring out a new plan had to start.

Thankfully, my inlaws came through and they came Friday morning at 7am and took Ryden for the day and overnight. He did GREAT and now I know I have them as a babysitter if needed. I was worried since they never had him on their own or overnight!

So after they left, we got things going for heading to the doctor. Lena was okay to come along since she is tiny and well, in a carrier. His appointment was at 11am so off we went.

After the GPS was trying to tell me to drive THROUGH a Hospital building, we found the office. Yes. The GPS told us to go through a building. Nice I know. But we got to the office yay! I know Jameson was nervous but kept himself distracted by playing with Lena.

Time goes by and he gets his clipping. It is highly entertaining though when it was first done and he was walking... like someone who had a stick up their ass! But, I was nice and did not inform him until just recently hehe.

He got SO pampered this weekend can I say? Friday alone he got Sonic for lunch, a pound of gummy candy, Pizza Hut for dinner, he slept on the couch so he didn't roll onto his members, bummed around for days, didn't have to lift a finger to help change diapers or feed. I AM EXHAUSTED!

In three months, he has a follow up appointment. He gets to drop a sample in a cup to make sure it worked. I am VERY excited about not having to worry about a oops!

What else happen this weekend? We picked up Ryden on Saturday and he was very happy to see us! He also did not want to come home haha. Though, my in laws got to see how my days go and man did they seem tired.

Dam.. I had a whole thought process for on here and completely brain farted on it! Well, Lena had her 3 month check up yesterday. She is 13lbs 14oz and 24 inches. She is my little peanut! The doctor is not worried about how she cut her bottles from 6oz to 4oz. But she is perfect and I love it hehe. both kiddos have a check up in July and Ryden gets his PreSchool paperwork filled out.

Yes my Ryden:

My super hero under-roo wearing Ryden starts Pre School in Sept! I promise he will not be wearing that to school don't worry haha. That was earlier today though.  I am confident though now that he will be fully Potty Trained by then. He has pee down but still having issues on poop. One of these days, it will click right?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer is here...

...and so is the evil heat and humidity!

It has been so hot and sticky the last couple days and nights. Its gross. I hate it. Jameson finally put the a/c in the livingroom in. The one in our room (giant one) has been in for a few weeks now. One day, I will get a picture of that monster and tell you how we got it for FREE.

But yes. It is hot. I wanted to start taking walks with the kids every morning but every morning this week we have woken up to it being 80 or more already. NOT fun. It is suppose to storm in a day or so... hopefully, it will cool off which will be nice.

Did my weekly food shopping last night.I haven't gone in a couple weeks. PathMark had a few things I could stock more up on plus we were out of garbage bags and toilet paper. Yes, me out of that stuff! I NEVER run out haha. But after instore savings and coupons: $99.38. That included 4 packs of diapers, 2 tubs of wipes, 2 things of Pull Up wipes, 4 cases of soda and other odds and ends. My total savings: $73. Not too bad. Now, if you have kids you know how much diapers cost..and even more in a grocery store!

Lets see, what else? Ryden is getting better at his potty training. He went on his own yesterday! Very exciting indeed! Lena is beginning to figure out how to play with toys so that is always fun and she is sorta laughing. Her favorite thing is Peek A Boo.

Yeah, nothing too exciting this time around.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Testing my phone blogging

Ooo...What's been going on?

Lets see... What has been going on? The ants have started. Stupid seasonal ants. I can not stand them. They bug me. They crawl on me while on the computer like just a moment ago.

My vanity license plate came in!! plate is my AIM name without the E's. Hehehehe I know, I am a dork but it is now lots of fun to look in my rear view mirror to see if people are trying to figure it out!

I am not liking this new type of editor on here. I love how the pictures are easier to insert but my 'Enter' keeps screwing up so I have to play to find where it is now for a new paragrah.

I just got butt dialed...and their butt left a long voicemail...

Lena is smiling now!

So cute huh? She now will smile as soon as you take a picture which is lots of fun! I was putting her to sleep last night and I could not figure out where time has gone. She is so big already!

My butt dial voice mail just ended. I could not make out who it was but I plan to google the phone number!

This weekend is a busy one though. Going up to Dansbury, CT to see my Uncle. Then Sunday, I have a shower to attend which will be fun! Never been to a surprise shower before!! to google!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ming Mei Visits...

Ming Mei is a Panda. She is one of two that are crossing the country. The end of their journey will lead to a July 07 mommy who lost her July daughter when she was 1 1/2. You can read about the story here.
Ming Mei arrived last Friday. Right away, I started snapping pictures:
Ryden showed her Dinosaur Train

He then shared a hummus and tortilla snack:

Lena and her hung out in the swing for awhile:
Also, she arrived on laundry day so she had to see what was going on in there:

That Saturday, we were heading to my brother and sister in law house warming. Ming Mei navigated:

Had to stop and get some Rita's Ice!! I turned my Sister in law into a addict:

In our family, we have a traveling gnome. Whenever one of us moves, the gnome shows up at one point to the new home. So, Ming Mei got to meet him:

Lena and Ming Mei just chill-axting:

Yesterday, Jameson had a bunch of Dr appts, so she came along to hang out:

And what is a trip out near me without visiting Pita Pit!
It has been alot of fun taking pictures with her. Tomorrow, the final picture of her being sent to Ohio to spend some time w/ another July 07 kiddo!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What a weekend....

Yes. I was a weekend of interesting feats.
Saturday, while Jameson worked with his dad, I was up at my parents listening to how its not fair my older sister got screwed out of something or other. Do not want to rehash that one. Its stupid...childish and should did I say she was older than me?

Though out of the stupid running around and communication, we did get Chinese food from my In Laws for dinner.

Jameson like to sometimes make things difficult. Now our parents no longer live close to each other. I loved that they lived 10 minutes apart. Made visits so much easier. Made dropping him off up there for working easier. Now? a good 30 minutes between w/ no traffic. It sucks. So when he has to work, I will take him up there and go see my parents. Then go get him. Its a pain but doable.

So when he was all done working, I asked what we were going to do for dinner. It was around 4pm. Flat out said if I was coming to get him to go home, eat there, eat at my parents house, on the road or at home. Somehow it turned into my reloading the kids up into my car and heading home. My in laws brought him back to our place and ordered dinner that way. It was great except the one day they finally decide to come...the livingroom is a DISASTER! I cleaned all week thinking they were coming any day and they wait until then. Oh well. The food was yummy, I didn't have to pay and we still have leftovers from Saturday.

Ahh sunday. I got to actually be on my own for a day! I went out to my future sis in law's and bro house to hang out and spend a nice child-free day alone with another adult.

And in the process, got to pick up my carpet cleaner!!
Yes. When you have a potty training toddler and NEED one. I was very excited. We (I) have been wanting one for a long time. No more having to borrow my in laws one and carry it back and forth. No more having to worry if they think I am nuts or anything always asking for it. AND I put it together! No idea if it works yet but I plan to try it out soon.

Oh, and that case of Mountain Dew on the table? FREE :0) And do not mind the Chinese food bags. I just reuse them for Garbage. The carpet cleaner box is already 1/2 full w/ garbage too. Most of it from the cleaner itself but still. Why waste a garbage bag? I do the same thing w/ any big box we have, diaper boxes, etc. Makes it easier.

Also, Target has diapers BIG BOX on sale. Buy 2 and get a $10 gift card. So I got these two big boxes.

They were $29.99 each. After my $10 coupons I paid $39.98 for them :0) Always a good deal when coupons are used. So then after that order, I did my other stuff and got a bunch of stuff for only $6 :0) Free Mountain Dew Coupon was also added in here. The lady that checked me out tried to tell me I could not use my $10 gift card from the order previous on this one. I set her straight. I do it all the time and when I worked for Target, it was done. Get over it lady. I did most of your work by setting things on the belt in the right and fast order while taking off the hangers.

While I was out and about on my own, Jameson was with the kiddos. This is what happens when Daddy watches Ryden:

Minus all the clothes he was trying on and off all day. You think daddy would have stopped him? No why should he. Notice in that picture the double gate doorway. That is where my washer and dryer on. That is the only way to keep a Ryden out. Even then, it doesn't. And here is my Ryden on his bed:

My little cannibalistic son. He was very upset about not getting the cup he wanted for his chocolate milk last night. It was one of those disposable sippy ones. Use and lose...not a big deal if left behind type. Well, he likes to open them and pour the contents in containers of his or the floor. Yes, I love my carpet cleaner already but does not mean he can spill stuff all over. So in his anger he did this:

HE BIT ME! Like grabbed my leg and bit. Oh did he get in trouble for that. After a pop to the mouth and long time out, he was off to bed. He screamed the entire time. Lets hope this is the last biting he will ever do.

And lets end on a cute note:
My Lena Piglet is 2 months old already! Where has time gone? She has her 2 month check up this week. She is also going to have her ears pierced :0) And yes, it is MY choice not hers. I rather have it done now when I can care for it and she not remember the pain than later on when she can remember and won't keep it clean and it gets infected.

Yup. Interesting weekend. I am now also car-less. Jameson's GEO needs to be inspected and it needs work. So me and the kiddos shall be stuck home all day long. Unless I want to wake them up at 630am and take Jameson to work so I have my car...yeah only if I REALLY need it maybe.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Before and After....

Yes. Before and After.
I have a pantry closet in my kitchen and I used the door for Christmas cards. I love hanging them up and looking at them throughout the season...seeing how my friend's kids have grown, how the family is doing, etc.
I guess I love it to much because my loving husband as been mocking me. I took this pictures YESTERDAY:

Yup. Its April. Middle of the month and STILL had them up. But in my defense...look at the next picture:
Look how BORING the door is without something on it!! I have wood paneling throughout this apartment and sick of the wood look. So now, I am on a hunt for something to hang on this door. I am not sure yet what it will be. I am sure that when it will happen, it will pop out at me and I will not have the money right at that moment.

What should I stick there????

Ah well... anyways. On with life.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scrubby Bubbles Shower Crap...

This thing SUCKS!
No wait...must put in my disclaimer: I got this item as a BzzAgent to try and spread the word about.

But yes, DO NOT waste your money on this! It leaks the cleaner making you think your nuts and spend more money on the cleaner to pour out of it, it is noisy, ( i hear it in my livingroom when it is going), and it does not reach my entire tub. I live in an apt and I do not have a large tub so for it to not even reach the one wall is sad.

I was excited to try it. Figure it would make my life a bit easier having a toddler and infant and all it did was make it a hassle to hang the hose to my shower. Maybe I will just give the unit to my mom. She has a shower stall and it would work better in that I think.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dinner and A Movie...

..meaning a DATE NIGHT!

Hubby's birthday is today and all he wanted was a date night just us. no kids. the ability for us to enjoy a meal with out having to keep a toddler entertained and in his seat. Yay for us!

So my parents came out yesterday and babysat the little ones. I know they love coming to see them and the break from the insanity of their house. Too many people and too much stress. But back to date night.

After Jameson came home from working with his dad, we headed out to figure out where to eat. However we both have different taste in food. As in he eats ANYTHING and I don't. So, as we get down to Easton we start calling out names of restaurants. One being OutBack Steak House. We both have never been.

1 1/2 hour wait. This was at about 6:30pm and our movie was at 9:30pm. Nope not going to work.

So we end up heading over to Don Pablos. A tex mex type place. I figure that would work as he can have his spicy mexican and I can have ribs or chicken :0) very good food and a really nice waiter! So he got a big tip.

We had some time to kill so we went over to the little mall to walk around. Nothing good in the stores and the Kay Jeweler's lady was REALLY pushy about me buying or opening a charge card. We don't need another bill thanks. I did however FINALLY get my Yankee sticker for the back of my car yay!

Movie time! Jameson purchased the tickets online to make it easier when we get there. We goto the kiosk and there is no record of him buying tickets. So he pulls up the email only to see the website screwed up and set the movie tickets up for 2 towns OVER in New Jersey.

Jameson's food was making a move so while he gave birth, I went to the call window and explained what happen. The guy was really nice and just gave us the tickets. Should I mention how we are FINALLY getting to see Alice in Wonderland? Yay us! Until we see that the time is at 10pm NOT 930pm. A good hour to kill in the small lobby great...

Eventually, 9:30 rolls around and we go get our snacks. After being raped by the popcorn stand, we go and pick our seats. I am one of those people that will purposely get to a movie early so I can get a GREAT seat! no needing to turn the head or get a odd angle. It does help when by the time the movie starts there is only 2 other people in the theater. Always a good thing.

COMMERCIALS! No really I am serious. For Wal-Mart, History Channel, National Geo Channel, food, and others. I mean the type you would see ON tv. Has it really been that long since going to a movie that now they have to run them? So stupid if you ask me. This was BEFORE the previews even started.

But finally....the 'no talking or texting' thing goes on and you know the movie is coming. And the verdict?

It is defiantly a Tim Burton film. Johnny Depp was the PERFECT Mad Hatter and it was just great. Is it for kids? NOPE. Not one bit.

By the time we got home, it was just about 1am. My parents headed out to go home and we both crashed. Jameson on the couch and me in the bed. Why wake a sleeping giant that snores in your ear? So I left him there.

Lena did not want to sleep this morning really so Jameson was up from about 630am until right now as he snores. I was up most of the earlier morning with her being restless.

It has been a fun weekend. I told him we NEED to do this once a month and he agreed. Maybe I will actually get to see movies I want to see before they hit DVD now!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Toys for Mommy!

Yay for new toys for mommy! Not really fun 'toys' but more for cleaning toys.

So, here is one of my new toys:

Yes. That is the Scrubby Bubble Shower Cleaner thingie. Notice how I had to lift the hose up around it.The blue thing is the button to press and beeps and yells at you. Then the knob looking thing on the bottom is the part that sprays. One day, I will take a video of the noise in the next week. Still not HUGE on it but if my shower cleans nicely, maybe I will be impressed.

And the new Lysol Hands Free toy! I FINALLY found a starter kit! I was very excited as I had a awesome $5 off coupon. So, it only cost me $4.95! Its pretty neat. Batteries came with this unit and it takes 4 AA. I really like this from the aspect of using it in the kitchen. You know, when you hands are full and covered with meat or egg or other goop stuff. The refills are $4 at Wal-Mart so it is not too too bad for the convenience of not having to figure a way to turn on sink with goop hands :0)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner....Day 1

So, on I joined the Scrubby Bubbles Shower Cleaner Campaign. Today, my box showed up! Should have taken a picture but didn't. Oh well....

Thoughts on it? Well I figure I would start with a dirty shower. They say you can start w/ a clean or dirty one and since I TRULY do not want to clean my bathroom right now, that is how it will start.

So, on to opening the box and hmm interesting. Coupons to hand out, (yay coupons!), the agent guide, how to do this and that, actual product. Now onto opening THAT box and setting it up.

Make sure you have 4 AA batteries! You will need them. It says so on the box but as a normal person, did not read the box. Though on the instructions, they tell you a ton of times they are not included.

It is NOISY! naturally after setting it up, I pressed the button. Who wouldn't? Well, it beeps for 15 seconds as a warning to get away and close the door/curtain quick! Then when it does is noisy! I am definitely not a fan of the noisy button. Also, I think it should sit higher up and not half way down the wall. I had to move the hose to our shower head up and hope it stays out of the way when it does spray.

We shall see how this works out.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Yes. A stay at home moms biggest weapon is the ability to multitask. Not just stay at home moms but dads, part time working parents, full time working parents also have to learn to multitask.

Currently as I type, my right foot is bouncing Lena in her bouncer. Why? Because I need to update and it is the only way she will sleep in it sometimes. Once she is asleep though, I can stop bouncing and my foot can retake its correct form that does not include a pole indent...and Ry just made some randomly odd noise...

And now I am back from the rescue mission of Ryden's items he threw out his window. Oie. A job of a mom is NEVER done and NEVER calm.

Back to multitasking. Yes it is a sport and skill one learns quickly. How to make both a sippy cup, bottle and rocking a crying hungry baby while doing it all one handed. Getting the dishwasher unloaded while making grilled cheese and keeping a toddler out of the cabinets. Too many things you need to do at once and there is NEVER enough time in the day.

Recently, there was a study or article done saying that moms have 30-40 hours a week of leisure time. Especially Stay at Home moms. Where?? Where in my day is there a leisure time that is not including a toddler. Yes, we can say that my blogging about this is leisure time but really is it? Lena is being bounced, Ryden is banging his toy hammer on my while pulling my shirt. The laundry is on its third load which I will be folding at some point oh and my bedroom? 1/3 of the way done of being rearranged. Yes...somewhere in there is my leisure time.

Takes yesterday. Jameson went to work with his dad for some much needed extra money. My younger sister was here to help me with Ryden at dealership. So we had to get:
a toddler changed out of his pull up
1 month old changed
bottle made
toddler fed
infant fed
2 showers done
3 changes of clothes
1 bag double checked
2 kids out to the car

This all before noon and we all got up around 8am. Then a hour drive to the dealership. They needed to check the wipers on my car.

2 kids out of car
diaper bag
1 caught as he ran into the service station
2 changed and 1 fed
Luckily my sister kept Ry busy while I fed Lena
Then back into the car and off again for another hour to Grandma's!

After those adventures, we also went up to my InLaws house for dinner. Naturally after spending a couple hours jumping on a trampoline and running around with his cousins...he falls asleep in the car on the 45 minute drive. So now, multitasking mommy must get Ryden awake so he could walk to the house as she can not carry both 40 lb toddler AND infant car carrier! (Luckily granddad saw us pull up and came out to help!)

Ahh grandma's house! A mom's mini vacation when she needs a sanity break. Is it truely one? Not really but sometimes there is just enough eyes and hands to let mommy sit down and have a meal that is not being eaten in drive-thru spurts through the kitchen.

Got home. Now must wait for husband to get back in his car so we can get a Ryden, Lena, diaper bag, mom bag, King size blanket into the house. (Lena bouncing has now stopped) since Grandma has the BIG washer and dryer for cleaning it.

All in all...where is my leisure time? Where in my week is extra 30-40 hours to relax? My toddler does not have any 'extra' activities that are my choice in the matter. (thanks Ry, bouncing has restarted)

Oh, someone took on this study. I am still trying to locate the ACTUAL study but here is a start:

The Test of Time

It is a interesting read, however I will still like to have someone tell me where in my day is me time? Bouncing Lena while online is not leisure me time. I rarely even get it when Jameson is home sort of helping. I am doing house work then!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So, I am a member of BzzAgent. And as one you get to work on trials, test products and do some promotion. This is that time. Please check out the trailer above for a new film called BABIES coming Mother's Day weekend! Please Click and share this from my blog! The more people that look at it..the better chances are I can win prizes!!

Everybody loves... BABIES. Coming to theatres this Mother's Day Weekend (May 7th), this visually stunning new movie simultaneously follows four babies around the world - from first breath to first steps. From Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo, BABIES joyfully captures on film the earliest stages of the journey of humanity that are at once unique and universal to us all.


Bayar from Bayanchandmani, Mongolia

Bayarjargal, who lives in Mongolia with his family, is one of four babies followed from birth to first steps in Thomas Balmes' BABIES, a Focus Features release. Photo credit: Focus Features

Hattie from San Francisco, California

Hattie, who lives in the United States with her family, is one of four babies followed from birth to first steps in Thomas Balmes' BABIES, a Focus Features release. Photo credit: Focus Features

Mari from Tokyo, Japan

Mari, who lives in Japan with her family, is one of four babies followed from birth to first steps in Thomas Balmes' BABIES, a Focus Features release. Photo credit: Focus Features

Ponijao from Opuwo, Namibia

Ponijao, who lives in Namibia with her family, is one of four babies followed from birth to first steps in Thomas Balmes' BABIES, a Focus Features release. Photo credit: Focus Features