Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should Update more often huh?

Just always slips my mind haha.
But all is going as well as it can. We had another ultrasound last week. My due date is 3/13/10 now but that is okay. This little Crouton is a bouncy nut! we were lucky he/she stayed still for a sec so the dr could get a measurement haha.

Ryden got to go w/ us and had this WTF look on his face while the dr scanned me. The baby even waved at us!

Ryden had a 2 yr check up on that morning also. I never should have tried to switch drs b/c he was SO excited to see them! All checked out well w/ him. He is 36 lbs and 37 inches. Finally on the actually chart for his height. He lost a bit of weight but that is okay since he runs around a lot.

This pregnancy is so much different than Ryden. I don't know if it is because w/ him I was in school and focused on that or because I cant just sleep all day if I want to this time. I am definitely sicker this time. My dr joked that the crappier I feel, the better for the baby!

A couple weeks ago we had a pool party at my 2nd cousins house. Ryden had a BLAST! He didn't want to come out of the pool to even eat! That is so not like him. But he had fun and crashed before I even left the driveway. It was a great day for him. We got to see my Aunt Debbie ( her husband was Uncle Phil and she seemed okay. Things have just been so crazy for our family this year. I have been to more funerals in 6 months then 1 person should in a year! (4 from Jan to June/July).