Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer is here...

...and so is the evil heat and humidity!

It has been so hot and sticky the last couple days and nights. Its gross. I hate it. Jameson finally put the a/c in the livingroom in. The one in our room (giant one) has been in for a few weeks now. One day, I will get a picture of that monster and tell you how we got it for FREE.

But yes. It is hot. I wanted to start taking walks with the kids every morning but every morning this week we have woken up to it being 80 or more already. NOT fun. It is suppose to storm in a day or so... hopefully, it will cool off which will be nice.

Did my weekly food shopping last night.I haven't gone in a couple weeks. PathMark had a few things I could stock more up on plus we were out of garbage bags and toilet paper. Yes, me out of that stuff! I NEVER run out haha. But after instore savings and coupons: $99.38. That included 4 packs of diapers, 2 tubs of wipes, 2 things of Pull Up wipes, 4 cases of soda and other odds and ends. My total savings: $73. Not too bad. Now, if you have kids you know how much diapers cost..and even more in a grocery store!

Lets see, what else? Ryden is getting better at his potty training. He went on his own yesterday! Very exciting indeed! Lena is beginning to figure out how to play with toys so that is always fun and she is sorta laughing. Her favorite thing is Peek A Boo.

Yeah, nothing too exciting this time around.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Testing my phone blogging

Ooo...What's been going on?

Lets see... What has been going on? The ants have started. Stupid seasonal ants. I can not stand them. They bug me. They crawl on me while on the computer like just a moment ago.

My vanity license plate came in!! plate is my AIM name without the E's. Hehehehe I know, I am a dork but it is now lots of fun to look in my rear view mirror to see if people are trying to figure it out!

I am not liking this new type of editor on here. I love how the pictures are easier to insert but my 'Enter' keeps screwing up so I have to play to find where it is now for a new paragrah.

I just got butt dialed...and their butt left a long voicemail...

Lena is smiling now!

So cute huh? She now will smile as soon as you take a picture which is lots of fun! I was putting her to sleep last night and I could not figure out where time has gone. She is so big already!

My butt dial voice mail just ended. I could not make out who it was but I plan to google the phone number!

This weekend is a busy one though. Going up to Dansbury, CT to see my Uncle. Then Sunday, I have a shower to attend which will be fun! Never been to a surprise shower before!! to google!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ming Mei Visits...

Ming Mei is a Panda. She is one of two that are crossing the country. The end of their journey will lead to a July 07 mommy who lost her July daughter when she was 1 1/2. You can read about the story here.
Ming Mei arrived last Friday. Right away, I started snapping pictures:
Ryden showed her Dinosaur Train

He then shared a hummus and tortilla snack:

Lena and her hung out in the swing for awhile:
Also, she arrived on laundry day so she had to see what was going on in there:

That Saturday, we were heading to my brother and sister in law house warming. Ming Mei navigated:

Had to stop and get some Rita's Ice!! I turned my Sister in law into a addict:

In our family, we have a traveling gnome. Whenever one of us moves, the gnome shows up at one point to the new home. So, Ming Mei got to meet him:

Lena and Ming Mei just chill-axting:

Yesterday, Jameson had a bunch of Dr appts, so she came along to hang out:

And what is a trip out near me without visiting Pita Pit!
It has been alot of fun taking pictures with her. Tomorrow, the final picture of her being sent to Ohio to spend some time w/ another July 07 kiddo!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What a weekend....

Yes. I was a weekend of interesting feats.
Saturday, while Jameson worked with his dad, I was up at my parents listening to how its not fair my older sister got screwed out of something or other. Do not want to rehash that one. Its stupid...childish and should did I say she was older than me?

Though out of the stupid running around and communication, we did get Chinese food from my In Laws for dinner.

Jameson like to sometimes make things difficult. Now our parents no longer live close to each other. I loved that they lived 10 minutes apart. Made visits so much easier. Made dropping him off up there for working easier. Now? a good 30 minutes between w/ no traffic. It sucks. So when he has to work, I will take him up there and go see my parents. Then go get him. Its a pain but doable.

So when he was all done working, I asked what we were going to do for dinner. It was around 4pm. Flat out said if I was coming to get him to go home, eat there, eat at my parents house, on the road or at home. Somehow it turned into my reloading the kids up into my car and heading home. My in laws brought him back to our place and ordered dinner that way. It was great except the one day they finally decide to come...the livingroom is a DISASTER! I cleaned all week thinking they were coming any day and they wait until then. Oh well. The food was yummy, I didn't have to pay and we still have leftovers from Saturday.

Ahh sunday. I got to actually be on my own for a day! I went out to my future sis in law's and bro house to hang out and spend a nice child-free day alone with another adult.

And in the process, got to pick up my carpet cleaner!!
Yes. When you have a potty training toddler and NEED one. I was very excited. We (I) have been wanting one for a long time. No more having to borrow my in laws one and carry it back and forth. No more having to worry if they think I am nuts or anything always asking for it. AND I put it together! No idea if it works yet but I plan to try it out soon.

Oh, and that case of Mountain Dew on the table? FREE :0) And do not mind the Chinese food bags. I just reuse them for Garbage. The carpet cleaner box is already 1/2 full w/ garbage too. Most of it from the cleaner itself but still. Why waste a garbage bag? I do the same thing w/ any big box we have, diaper boxes, etc. Makes it easier.

Also, Target has diapers BIG BOX on sale. Buy 2 and get a $10 gift card. So I got these two big boxes.

They were $29.99 each. After my $10 coupons I paid $39.98 for them :0) Always a good deal when coupons are used. So then after that order, I did my other stuff and got a bunch of stuff for only $6 :0) Free Mountain Dew Coupon was also added in here. The lady that checked me out tried to tell me I could not use my $10 gift card from the order previous on this one. I set her straight. I do it all the time and when I worked for Target, it was done. Get over it lady. I did most of your work by setting things on the belt in the right and fast order while taking off the hangers.

While I was out and about on my own, Jameson was with the kiddos. This is what happens when Daddy watches Ryden:

Minus all the clothes he was trying on and off all day. You think daddy would have stopped him? No why should he. Notice in that picture the double gate doorway. That is where my washer and dryer on. That is the only way to keep a Ryden out. Even then, it doesn't. And here is my Ryden on his bed:

My little cannibalistic son. He was very upset about not getting the cup he wanted for his chocolate milk last night. It was one of those disposable sippy ones. Use and lose...not a big deal if left behind type. Well, he likes to open them and pour the contents in containers of his or the floor. Yes, I love my carpet cleaner already but does not mean he can spill stuff all over. So in his anger he did this:

HE BIT ME! Like grabbed my leg and bit. Oh did he get in trouble for that. After a pop to the mouth and long time out, he was off to bed. He screamed the entire time. Lets hope this is the last biting he will ever do.

And lets end on a cute note:
My Lena Piglet is 2 months old already! Where has time gone? She has her 2 month check up this week. She is also going to have her ears pierced :0) And yes, it is MY choice not hers. I rather have it done now when I can care for it and she not remember the pain than later on when she can remember and won't keep it clean and it gets infected.

Yup. Interesting weekend. I am now also car-less. Jameson's GEO needs to be inspected and it needs work. So me and the kiddos shall be stuck home all day long. Unless I want to wake them up at 630am and take Jameson to work so I have my car...yeah only if I REALLY need it maybe.