Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Friday, January 23, 2009

Massage Therapist Me...

So, on some boards I go on, people ask questions about massage. So naturally since I am a MT, I jump in to answer. But now it has me thinking.... let me make a post of what to look for when looking for a therapist!

-Schooling and Education:
Many state do NOT have a license to be a Massage Therapist. Pa just passed a law for one and it was a hard work for it. 16 year fight to be exact. Make sure your therapist is up to code on state and local laws.
Also, some states that do not have a law around massage means "weekend taught" therapist. These are the ones that went to a weekend seminar about massage and think they are a therapist. I personally have gone through 2 1/2 years of College and have an Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences. I also have over 1000 hours of hands- on training. Make sure your therapist has a diploma or certificate for massage and ask that they have 500 or more hours of training.

-Client Forms:
A Professional Therapist will WANT to know your history. There are many things in the human body and each surgery, pain, problem, etc is needed to be known. Some conditions are contraindicated (bad) for massage. Example: Blood Clots and/or History. You can die if you get a massage. It is a risk and no therapist would take that risk unless they are only after your money.

A Professional Therapist will NOT force you into a massage or anything you are not comfortable with. They will let you control the speed, pressure, scent of oil, music, etc. Don't like the music? say something. Pressure not right? say something.
Also, most therapist have Professional Affiliations. AMTA Massage is one of the companies.

First impression is EVERYTHING! No good vibe felt from the therapist? Chances are they are not right for you. Follow your gut. They should be warm and professional. Answer any of your questions you have with full answers. Understand what you are talking about medically and will let you know during or after a massage the problem area and what can suggested to help the area.

I could go on and on for hours but those are the biggest points :0) Massage is the best thing in the world to me. It not only feels great but also helps your body release toxins in your muscles and bring blood to places it is needed.

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