Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow and Ice SUCK!!!!

omg talk about a crazy day!

so today was not all fun. we got our tax refund (yay) so i did some MEGA shopping this morning.

came home, unpacked then paid all the bills and got caught up. then headed to stbg. mailed the rent and package, closed the PO Box then made the mistake of going to my inlaws.

i wasnt planning on it really, but i figure why not drop the money off now when i know i am up here right? so i drive all the way up there. i turn onto their road....sheet of ICE. i slide down the front hill and im like oh no. its a mile long road to get to the lodge they run. so i safetly get all the way to the house only for them not to be there. i leave a note and envelope and begin my way back. i get all the way to the hill...speed up and try to fly up it, i need just a couple more inches and be free but no. i started to slide backwards. i quick hit the break, pop in reverse and try to guide my i safely glide it stuck across the small road. DAMMIT! then i realize i need to get unstuck b/c if they come back and not see me we are so dead by their plow. so i reverse and fwd up and down snow banks and get back to their lodge.

the good thing about my cellphone? i have HotSpot at Home. so my phone can connect to WiFi and make Text which was my only way as a call would not work on the weak signal i had. but i finally got through to jameson to called his parents.

so they got back and while Mark (father in law) ran all the salt up and down the road, we hung out inside. stayed wayyyyy later than i wanted but i wasnt going to be rude.

Back on the road. Mark followed me out just in case. which was good as i got stuck on a different hill. so after backing back down, we tried again only he lowered the plow and pushed! yes it worked thank god. got back to the evil front hill. so i hit the gas and make it but had to time the amount of gas so i didnt get killed by a car coming and me flying across the road.

and of course w/ my luck it is snowing now and the giant mountain of bushkill falls road was covered. just glad i was going down and it was nice and easy.

Stuck 2 happen in my parents driveway! my sis needed to run somewhere quick and got it by the time i got unstuck, it was like 845pm. i flew to target, got 4 boxes of diapers, pee sticks, febreze on sale and a cd. after coupons: $150.00. the only reason i got so many diapers...they were the GIANT boxes and buy 2 get $10.00 gift card. so i got 3 size 5 and 1 size 1 for future.

im freaking tired!!!!! got Ryden in bed and the diapers are still in the card...they look good there right now...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Same ol' Day...

It is Thursday night.
CSI is on but I really am not into it.
ER is going to be a repeat but its the one w/ Dr. Greene flashback so i'll watch it.

Ryden was not feeling well today. So that means mommy doesn't get a chance to sit down more than a minute. He woke up w/ a fever which was not fun. A big mush pile but it was okay.

Let's just hope that he is feeling better tomorrow :0)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Earrings!

This was posted on the Bargain Hunters Board over at by another mom:

FREE Heart Shaped Amethyst Diamond Cut Stud earrings. Follow this link:

1. Add the earrings to your shopping cart.
2. Use promotion code: 0801
3. Click the ADD button to activate the code.
4. Complete checkout.

Regularly $59.95, with the promotion code they're $0.00!

and it works. i ordered 2 for my nieces to get a jump start for christmas. PLUSSSS you can pay through PayPal which is where my Christmas fund is being held this year hehehehe.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Massage Therapist Me...

So, on some boards I go on, people ask questions about massage. So naturally since I am a MT, I jump in to answer. But now it has me thinking.... let me make a post of what to look for when looking for a therapist!

-Schooling and Education:
Many state do NOT have a license to be a Massage Therapist. Pa just passed a law for one and it was a hard work for it. 16 year fight to be exact. Make sure your therapist is up to code on state and local laws.
Also, some states that do not have a law around massage means "weekend taught" therapist. These are the ones that went to a weekend seminar about massage and think they are a therapist. I personally have gone through 2 1/2 years of College and have an Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences. I also have over 1000 hours of hands- on training. Make sure your therapist has a diploma or certificate for massage and ask that they have 500 or more hours of training.

-Client Forms:
A Professional Therapist will WANT to know your history. There are many things in the human body and each surgery, pain, problem, etc is needed to be known. Some conditions are contraindicated (bad) for massage. Example: Blood Clots and/or History. You can die if you get a massage. It is a risk and no therapist would take that risk unless they are only after your money.

A Professional Therapist will NOT force you into a massage or anything you are not comfortable with. They will let you control the speed, pressure, scent of oil, music, etc. Don't like the music? say something. Pressure not right? say something.
Also, most therapist have Professional Affiliations. AMTA Massage is one of the companies.

First impression is EVERYTHING! No good vibe felt from the therapist? Chances are they are not right for you. Follow your gut. They should be warm and professional. Answer any of your questions you have with full answers. Understand what you are talking about medically and will let you know during or after a massage the problem area and what can suggested to help the area.

I could go on and on for hours but those are the biggest points :0) Massage is the best thing in the world to me. It not only feels great but also helps your body release toxins in your muscles and bring blood to places it is needed.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy Cold Days...

So here is Pa it is a lovely 7 degrees. So nice huh? I am very glad for my Remote Car Starter that Hubby got for Christmas hahahaha. By the time I am out of the store and to the car, it is already getting warm on the inside. I think my parents are jealous that we have one.

I got my Treasure Trooper payment the other day. Not as big as December but that is totally ok. Any money this year that goes into my PayPal account will be staying there for Christmas shopping!

This way no running around like a nut in December trying to figure out how I am buying stuff haha.

Ryden cutting his 4 eye teeth...oh fun i know. they are all broken through but they are slowly pushing through the rest of the way.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Life is funny...

So Ryden is cutting teeth. 4 eye teeth to be exact. I can not have the child that does them one by one. No even though they say its better for them to cut them as he does, it SUCKS!

Messed up sleep, cranky mood, silly actions, etc.

Wants nothing to do w/ loosing the bottle but eh I guess I'll hit that when needed. No rush on it.

My older sister came by today. She wanted my brains to help w/ her math homework. She hates math and it hates her. It was nice to see her and Ryden liked it. Since we moved, he doesn't get to see her and the girls all the time anymore. I just love how silent it is hahaha.

Jameson is in full on baby fever. Keeps saying baby when he comes near me haha. Its cute. I hope it happens soon. I really want it. We shall see...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Such a cute bubba...

Ryden is 18 months old. He is a character to the T's. He has his moments where he is up and silly and down and crabby.

Today after Jameson headed to work, Ryden wanted to goto 'work'. He put his beads on his arm, grabbed his keychain, climbed up on mommy to give love (kisses) then climbed down and waved. He did this over and over for a good 3o minutes. It was so nice and sweet. I loved it. He is so cute sometimes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Important Sites

Okay so now it is the posts where I say GO VISIT!

Number 1:
Pennies For Pamela

This is my website for my sister. She suffers from Chiari Malformation Type 1. The medical bills are insane so I hope that by the kindness of people's hearts, I can help my parents make a dent in them.

Number 2:
Treasure Trooper

I use this site to make some spare money. Simple site that really pays you. I have been a member since 2006 on and off and everytime I made payout, I got paid. Here is some proof:

Yes, they pay you through PayPal. I love working on there and it is so simple! You join under me and I will help you make the most out of it.
When someone signs up under you, you make money:
First Level Referral: 20%
Second Level Referral: 5%

Number 3:
This is another site I use to make some spare change. Its mainly click a link, leave it open and your good. I just open tabs and let them be until they credit. The only thing here is that you make more money the more referrals you have.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Beginning....

So, time to join the odd world of blogging. I figure, I need a good outlet to just let loose right? What is better than the internet?

So that being said...BACKGROUND TIME!
- I am 25 yrs old and married to a geek. He is a computer geek who works for T-Mobile.

-I am a stay at home mom to a crazy 18 month old. My giant 32 lbs 34 inch 18 month old. He is the love of my life and I don't think I can ever imagine my life any other way.

- I hold an Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences- Massage Therapy. Yes, I am a Massage Therapist. Not a Masseuse. There is a difference... a $35,000 education. I love making people relax and medical related massaging. Not happy humping massaging.

- I am the middle of 5 children. And the middle sister. It sucks and sometimes I REALLY can not stand my family.

- I do a few online sites to make money. And they pay. A later post will show proof of payment and shit. is a big one. Got paid over $100 last month. GREAT for Christmas!