Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Horrible Movie Time!

So I have a love. It is a love of horror movies. I love to watch and see if they can make me jump from gore or something. It is something I have loved for so long. I have a pretty high standard. I love the act of surprise or the twisted messed up way of something was done. I have loved it since I believe 13 or so. When I would take my own lunch money and rent a movie instead of getting something to eat. Bad I know but hey I was 13!

Saw: Genius! Slowly they are coming out w. more and more 'WTF?' but the massive twist and you think you know but nope is what keeps me going for them. Some of it is just um no but hey, they run w/ something they know is going to be popular.

Tonight, we got the Free Wednesday Code for Redbox. If you do not know, RedBox is this neat little movie rental system. You can find them in grocery stores. It is renting a movie for a dollar a night. Not bad at all. Works out really cheap.

So, on Jameson's way home, he picked up 'Quarintine'. Now, I am all for horror, gore, blood, mess w/ my head. This movie SUCKS! Its like taken Cloverfield and sticking them in a building they can not leave. But instead of some fucked up monster, it is a zombie diease. We fast fwd through ALL of it. Not worth the time of day at ALL! The camera shaking is sicking, the set up is just stupid and I think this movie is pretty close if not the same level of horrible as Cloverfield.

So from time to time, as I see new movies, I shall give you my review just to add more fun into our little blog here.

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