Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Monday, October 5, 2009

Many Changes Are Coming....

...yes they are!

Jameson quit T-Mobile. YES! He got a job offer from the place he went to the interview for a couple weeks i think ago. Same day as fender bender mention below. He is on his own little 'vacation' this week while he waits for the 12th to roll around to start the new job. More money yay!

With the quitting happening, we lose our insurance at the end of the month. Meaning I HAVE to have my ultrasound before 10/ is now: 10/22! So on that day, we will know what Crouton is. My mom is coming along to watch Ryden in the waiting room. He isn't allowed in the room apparently which really sucks but that just means I get to have a secret all day! I went for a check up this past Friday and after the Phy. Asst took awhile, we found the heartbeat and it was a nice steady 159 bpm. Little one was hiding down at my pubic bone..little sneak! I have also been feeling him/her moving around more and more each day. Sadly, not enough force behind it yet for Jameson or Ryden to feel BUT Ryden does like to lay on my belly and listen to baby. I find it really cute. He also like to give baby kisses and hugs :0)

Nothing else really going on. BUT I must give a shout out to my BBC SAHM Chat mommas! Naked, Penise, Tara and all you other ladies!!! Now get back to chat so we are not cleaning or ding laundry!

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