Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010


Yes. A stay at home moms biggest weapon is the ability to multitask. Not just stay at home moms but dads, part time working parents, full time working parents also have to learn to multitask.

Currently as I type, my right foot is bouncing Lena in her bouncer. Why? Because I need to update and it is the only way she will sleep in it sometimes. Once she is asleep though, I can stop bouncing and my foot can retake its correct form that does not include a pole indent...and Ry just made some randomly odd noise...

And now I am back from the rescue mission of Ryden's items he threw out his window. Oie. A job of a mom is NEVER done and NEVER calm.

Back to multitasking. Yes it is a sport and skill one learns quickly. How to make both a sippy cup, bottle and rocking a crying hungry baby while doing it all one handed. Getting the dishwasher unloaded while making grilled cheese and keeping a toddler out of the cabinets. Too many things you need to do at once and there is NEVER enough time in the day.

Recently, there was a study or article done saying that moms have 30-40 hours a week of leisure time. Especially Stay at Home moms. Where?? Where in my day is there a leisure time that is not including a toddler. Yes, we can say that my blogging about this is leisure time but really is it? Lena is being bounced, Ryden is banging his toy hammer on my while pulling my shirt. The laundry is on its third load which I will be folding at some point oh and my bedroom? 1/3 of the way done of being rearranged. Yes...somewhere in there is my leisure time.

Takes yesterday. Jameson went to work with his dad for some much needed extra money. My younger sister was here to help me with Ryden at dealership. So we had to get:
a toddler changed out of his pull up
1 month old changed
bottle made
toddler fed
infant fed
2 showers done
3 changes of clothes
1 bag double checked
2 kids out to the car

This all before noon and we all got up around 8am. Then a hour drive to the dealership. They needed to check the wipers on my car.

2 kids out of car
diaper bag
1 caught as he ran into the service station
2 changed and 1 fed
Luckily my sister kept Ry busy while I fed Lena
Then back into the car and off again for another hour to Grandma's!

After those adventures, we also went up to my InLaws house for dinner. Naturally after spending a couple hours jumping on a trampoline and running around with his cousins...he falls asleep in the car on the 45 minute drive. So now, multitasking mommy must get Ryden awake so he could walk to the house as she can not carry both 40 lb toddler AND infant car carrier! (Luckily granddad saw us pull up and came out to help!)

Ahh grandma's house! A mom's mini vacation when she needs a sanity break. Is it truely one? Not really but sometimes there is just enough eyes and hands to let mommy sit down and have a meal that is not being eaten in drive-thru spurts through the kitchen.

Got home. Now must wait for husband to get back in his car so we can get a Ryden, Lena, diaper bag, mom bag, King size blanket into the house. (Lena bouncing has now stopped) since Grandma has the BIG washer and dryer for cleaning it.

All in all...where is my leisure time? Where in my week is extra 30-40 hours to relax? My toddler does not have any 'extra' activities that are my choice in the matter. (thanks Ry, bouncing has restarted)

Oh, someone took on this study. I am still trying to locate the ACTUAL study but here is a start:

The Test of Time

It is a interesting read, however I will still like to have someone tell me where in my day is me time? Bouncing Lena while online is not leisure me time. I rarely even get it when Jameson is home sort of helping. I am doing house work then!

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