Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ooo...What's been going on?

Lets see... What has been going on? The ants have started. Stupid seasonal ants. I can not stand them. They bug me. They crawl on me while on the computer like just a moment ago.

My vanity license plate came in!! plate is my AIM name without the E's. Hehehehe I know, I am a dork but it is now lots of fun to look in my rear view mirror to see if people are trying to figure it out!

I am not liking this new type of editor on here. I love how the pictures are easier to insert but my 'Enter' keeps screwing up so I have to play to find where it is now for a new paragrah.

I just got butt dialed...and their butt left a long voicemail...

Lena is smiling now!

So cute huh? She now will smile as soon as you take a picture which is lots of fun! I was putting her to sleep last night and I could not figure out where time has gone. She is so big already!

My butt dial voice mail just ended. I could not make out who it was but I plan to google the phone number!

This weekend is a busy one though. Going up to Dansbury, CT to see my Uncle. Then Sunday, I have a shower to attend which will be fun! Never been to a surprise shower before!! to google!

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