Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ming Mei Visits...

Ming Mei is a Panda. She is one of two that are crossing the country. The end of their journey will lead to a July 07 mommy who lost her July daughter when she was 1 1/2. You can read about the story here.
Ming Mei arrived last Friday. Right away, I started snapping pictures:
Ryden showed her Dinosaur Train

He then shared a hummus and tortilla snack:

Lena and her hung out in the swing for awhile:
Also, she arrived on laundry day so she had to see what was going on in there:

That Saturday, we were heading to my brother and sister in law house warming. Ming Mei navigated:

Had to stop and get some Rita's Ice!! I turned my Sister in law into a addict:

In our family, we have a traveling gnome. Whenever one of us moves, the gnome shows up at one point to the new home. So, Ming Mei got to meet him:

Lena and Ming Mei just chill-axting:

Yesterday, Jameson had a bunch of Dr appts, so she came along to hang out:

And what is a trip out near me without visiting Pita Pit!
It has been alot of fun taking pictures with her. Tomorrow, the final picture of her being sent to Ohio to spend some time w/ another July 07 kiddo!

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