Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner....Day 1

So, on I joined the Scrubby Bubbles Shower Cleaner Campaign. Today, my box showed up! Should have taken a picture but didn't. Oh well....

Thoughts on it? Well I figure I would start with a dirty shower. They say you can start w/ a clean or dirty one and since I TRULY do not want to clean my bathroom right now, that is how it will start.

So, on to opening the box and hmm interesting. Coupons to hand out, (yay coupons!), the agent guide, how to do this and that, actual product. Now onto opening THAT box and setting it up.

Make sure you have 4 AA batteries! You will need them. It says so on the box but as a normal person, did not read the box. Though on the instructions, they tell you a ton of times they are not included.

It is NOISY! naturally after setting it up, I pressed the button. Who wouldn't? Well, it beeps for 15 seconds as a warning to get away and close the door/curtain quick! Then when it does is noisy! I am definitely not a fan of the noisy button. Also, I think it should sit higher up and not half way down the wall. I had to move the hose to our shower head up and hope it stays out of the way when it does spray.

We shall see how this works out.

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