Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dinner and A Movie...

..meaning a DATE NIGHT!

Hubby's birthday is today and all he wanted was a date night just us. no kids. the ability for us to enjoy a meal with out having to keep a toddler entertained and in his seat. Yay for us!

So my parents came out yesterday and babysat the little ones. I know they love coming to see them and the break from the insanity of their house. Too many people and too much stress. But back to date night.

After Jameson came home from working with his dad, we headed out to figure out where to eat. However we both have different taste in food. As in he eats ANYTHING and I don't. So, as we get down to Easton we start calling out names of restaurants. One being OutBack Steak House. We both have never been.

1 1/2 hour wait. This was at about 6:30pm and our movie was at 9:30pm. Nope not going to work.

So we end up heading over to Don Pablos. A tex mex type place. I figure that would work as he can have his spicy mexican and I can have ribs or chicken :0) very good food and a really nice waiter! So he got a big tip.

We had some time to kill so we went over to the little mall to walk around. Nothing good in the stores and the Kay Jeweler's lady was REALLY pushy about me buying or opening a charge card. We don't need another bill thanks. I did however FINALLY get my Yankee sticker for the back of my car yay!

Movie time! Jameson purchased the tickets online to make it easier when we get there. We goto the kiosk and there is no record of him buying tickets. So he pulls up the email only to see the website screwed up and set the movie tickets up for 2 towns OVER in New Jersey.

Jameson's food was making a move so while he gave birth, I went to the call window and explained what happen. The guy was really nice and just gave us the tickets. Should I mention how we are FINALLY getting to see Alice in Wonderland? Yay us! Until we see that the time is at 10pm NOT 930pm. A good hour to kill in the small lobby great...

Eventually, 9:30 rolls around and we go get our snacks. After being raped by the popcorn stand, we go and pick our seats. I am one of those people that will purposely get to a movie early so I can get a GREAT seat! no needing to turn the head or get a odd angle. It does help when by the time the movie starts there is only 2 other people in the theater. Always a good thing.

COMMERCIALS! No really I am serious. For Wal-Mart, History Channel, National Geo Channel, food, and others. I mean the type you would see ON tv. Has it really been that long since going to a movie that now they have to run them? So stupid if you ask me. This was BEFORE the previews even started.

But finally....the 'no talking or texting' thing goes on and you know the movie is coming. And the verdict?

It is defiantly a Tim Burton film. Johnny Depp was the PERFECT Mad Hatter and it was just great. Is it for kids? NOPE. Not one bit.

By the time we got home, it was just about 1am. My parents headed out to go home and we both crashed. Jameson on the couch and me in the bed. Why wake a sleeping giant that snores in your ear? So I left him there.

Lena did not want to sleep this morning really so Jameson was up from about 630am until right now as he snores. I was up most of the earlier morning with her being restless.

It has been a fun weekend. I told him we NEED to do this once a month and he agreed. Maybe I will actually get to see movies I want to see before they hit DVD now!

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  1. So glad you guys had a great time! Daddy & Mommy time is definitely always needed!!