Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

And was November....

Yes. November is here on Monday. Where on earth did time go? Oh that is right...a baby, a toddler, a husband, a lost of apendix.

Yup. Lets add in the extra fun of a surgery for mommy here. On Sept 27th, Jameson took me to the ER for pain. I could barely stand it was so bad. This was after I took Ry to the dr for a ear infection. My mom stayed with the kids and I went to the hospital. A few hours later, it has to come out.

Now when one hears they have to have  surgery and they have kids, they would assume 'lets hope all goes well so I see them again.' No not me. Instead I go 'shit! How the fuck are we going to afford this?!?!?!?'

I do not have insurance. We can not afford it. The kids are covered sure. I am not. The bill is now up to over $20,000. Jameson makes just a tad too much for me to get help from the state. So now I have to contact the hospital and see if they have some charities that can help me out.

This. Sucks. Ass. If you ever lived w/o insurance you know it sucks. If you never had to experience it, you are lucky.  Maybe I can find a way to sell something on here to help w. the bill.

My Lena Beana Head is officially 8 months old today. She is trying to crawl. She wants to walk. I am screwed when she becomes mobile.

Ryden I think is officially potty trained! *dances in delight* He will go all on his own, wipe his butt most of the time and is dry waking up most nights. I am excited. It is a big thing for us as I have been working on this for over a YEAR!

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