Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

34 Weeks...

Nothing new there. 34 weeks now. She is still beating me up in the ribs. Walking is becoming a pain in the ass. Ryden is always wanting me to pick him up and I can't.

But, my doctor appointment went well last week. Still measuring on track and weight gain is not huge. They did the fun Group B Strep swab...yuck.

Ryden is still refusing to poop on the potty. He holds it in until he is going down for his nap or bed when he has a pull up on. Then if not noticed soon enough, he removes said Pull Up and then well you can imagine.

My baby shower is this weekend yay! Defiantly need a good fun weekend party. Granted, a couple people who I really can not stand and do not like will be there, but I will make do! Still do not understand why my sister's ex mother in law wanted to come. My mom's reply? ' Well she is family!' NOT MY FAMILY! Just what I want, someone that told me how I always looked better pregnant than not at my shower. Yup, she is one of those type of people. Tries to politely insult you. So nice huh?

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