Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Shower and 5 More to Go!

Yay! we are coming into the home stretch! 35 weeks right now and she is DROPPING lower. I am still worried she will come out with a penis. No seriously I am. All this pink and purple clothing and then BAM! a Penis in our face! Lena Fetus like to push her ass or knee or something up and down on my right side under my ribs which is not fun. Plus, I am at the point of ' nope mommy you are not going to sleep tonight as you need to be ready for my nightly wakings!'

This past Saturday we had my Baby Shower :0) Lots of fun! Two of my Leftover mommy friends came and it was a blast to see them again! Ryden and Bethany had ALOT of fun playing together while we all caught up and ate hehehe. Its so great to get together and hang out with friends and family especially when celebrating a new life :0)

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