Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

'Game Over...'

Yes. A line from a movie. But which one?

That would be a quote from the Saw Series. I personally LOVE this Series. It is a new twist on horror and more of a mind fuck than anything.

Tonight, I finally FINALLY got to see Saw VI. And the thoughts?

*drum roll please*

WAY WAY Better than IV and V! It made a hell of alot more sense, it moved along in a nice pace and things are FINALLY starting to come together from all the other movies. Things are being pieced together and making you go ' OH! Now I get it!'

I was worried that this one would be just as bad as the previous ones. IV and V were not that great and personally, I worried on what they were going to mess up next. But this one, the traps were better, the thought and reasoning where much more realized, and time was spent on each. The concept behind it was great as it took the choice of 'Live or Die' to a different level. It put the choice of life not in the victims hands but the game player. If you truely look at it, it makes your thoughts on insurance a bit more messed up! (Trying REALLY hard not to spoil it!!) You also that is how they are thinking and allowing insurance to work most of the time sadly.

From what I found online, the VII and final installment begins filming on Monday. I am not sure how I feel on it though. Part of me thinks 'okay, finally it is time to end these. It has been fun the last 7 years but enough is enough'. But then another part of me is like ' Shit, how much more fucked up can this get? What else can these writers come up with that is new and has not be done before?'

Saw each Halloween is a God Send. No really it is. Think about all the movies that come out during the year before it. They are remakes, redos, horrible non-thought provoking movies. Hollywood has NO real/new ideas but come Halloween, I know I will get something to look forward to.

And find out what was in the box....

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