Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Single Number Weeks Coming...

Could it be? Already at 30 weeks? How did time move this fast?

Lena Fetus is up in my ribs, moving them around like crazy. It is not fun and I do not remember this with Ryden and it stinks. But then again, I was surrounded by college classes and all that fun worry. First time mom worries, getting the nursery set up, wondering if things will go smoothly, was I really ready to me a mom?

The nesting bug is kicking in. This past weekend, I brought the bassinet and infant carrier carseat down to be washed. Ryden had fun putting his baby in and out of it and giving him a ride around the apt in the carrier. Jameson thinks we should be doing it in secret when Ry is not around but no. He needs to learn about baby and being gentle and nice.

Am I insane? Can I REALLY do this w/ two kids? How on earth am I going to be able to give Ryden my full attention when Lena Fetus will need it a lot? How on earth will I go just run to the store if I need something and get through the store? Why on earth am I doing this again?

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  1. because in a year, when all the crazy is over, it will be totally worth it. i am only 6 weeks, and i am thinking the same thing (mostly because of how sick i have been)..but i keep telling myself, millions of people have more than one's possible! and millions of people have them closer together than we are! it's possible!!