Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dropping Down...Counting Down...Failing...

Yes, she is dropping. She is finding her way down into my hips. But do not be fooled. She still likes to kick the crap out of my ribs when I am sitting down trying to be on my computer.

She and I also failed our 1 hour gluscose test. Now, I must do the evil 3 hour one. Please pray the hospital I have to goto has WiFi! I may go insane just sitting there waiting and getting blood stolen each hour.

Ryden has been having some rough nights. Not sleeping well, being up for hours and hours on end. It has not been fun for mommy. The other night he woke up at midnight and by 630am, i have given up trying to get him back down. It really sucked and I was such a zombie yesterday. And he didn't nap all day!! Last night though, it caught up to him and he slept all night.

Jameson has been BabyCenter Malware Fighter recently. I am thankful for that! He fixed my computer along w/ a couple friends from across the country. Sadly, one of them he can not fix but I am glad he has offered to help when he can! What is the BabyCenter Malware? Oh well apparently, you can get a nasty Malware from the boards time to time. It hit hard and fast like the plague and MANY moms got hit including me. It sucks and glad to have a computer nerd for a husband!

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  1. that's awesome that he fixed your computer..pretty sure BBC is how I got mine in December..and i had to pay $200 for it to get fixed!