Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nesting and Planning...

I did not have this while pregnant w/ Ryden. I was too busy hoping my labor would not kick in during class or a final. I was busy keeping my grades in order, putting together how we are going to make it w/ a baby along w/ me in school, getting my Leave of Absence in order, etc. Not once did I get the crazy 'nesting' urge.

This time? Nope, it has kicked in and yet, I have no true energy to do it. I have been meaning to scrub my kitchen since Sunday. I really do plan to attack tomorrow. Maybe Ryden will let me tomorrow while he plays in his room... and maybe I will get a magic million dollar check in the mail.

I have however, washed, dried, sorted and put away all the baby clothes that have come my way from friends, family and what I purchased. So things are starting to get in order. I need to locate my Boppy Pillow upstairs. The bassinet is in our room also all ready for Lena Fetus except need to change the batteries in the mobile.

Ryden's Potty Training is going pretty well I think. He is in underwear all day except nap/bedtime. I bought him a stool for the bathroom so he can get on and off the toilet. He enjoys having his big boy moments getting on and off the potty. I think it is helping him work more towards being trained. Now, if only he would stop holding his poop for nap/bedtime and ACTUALLY poop more than just a spit in the toilet. He does however know that he shouldn't pee in his undies. When he does rarely, he comes to find me and we clean him up. He doesn't pee a lot but enough to wet himself and stop peeing. Then we go on over to the potty so he can finish going while I get new ones. A good sign?

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