Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toddler and a Newborn

How does a mom of a toddler and newborn do it? Have some sort of sanity going to the store or throughout the day? No really...please tell me?

It has become so interesting around here. Lena is getting on some form of a schedule and Ryden is just Ryden. He has his good and bad days. There are days where he is helpful with Lena wanting to get her diapers or bottles. Then there are days when Duct Tape is needed to hang him from the wall.

Last week, I had to take care of my fear of taking the two of them out on my own. That was a interesting day. We had a WIC appointment, as in I needed to add Lena onto the plan we have and have our re-evaluation. You know, tell me how Ryden is too fat ( 40 inch 38 lb toddler that is all solid and not fat) and how even though I JUST had Lena, I am too fat also.

Ryden did NOT want to be helpful going to the car. He decided that after I started the car and got Lena in, was a PERFECT time to run AROUND the house. So that lead to a chase. Nope, not fun.

Finally got him in the car and head over to the office. Yes, I have this thing where I am always early. I hate HATE being late for an appointment. So getting there early apparently means I am a bad mom and that I should be treated like a idiot. ' Well we are closed for lunch right now but you can hang out. We just can not see you until 2pm' Yes, I did figure that out all on my own but thanks for telling me that is what your sign meant! Also, the lady that acts like she is better than you and you don't know how to undress your baby or control a 2.5 year old who does not sit still. You really thing lady that while you want these stupid forms done he is going to sit still? Ugh.

And then the nutritionist had to inform me how we are all overweight. I turned around and told him to pick Ryden up and tell me where the fat was. He did not like that comment. Ryden is big. We get that. He is a big kid. But he is active and there is NO fat on this child!

So after taking their advice and just ignoring him, we get our checks and leave. Go get some formula for Lena (yay free formula!) which was a whole other pain. Just remember that if you want formula at Giant you must wait for them to get the key from Customer Service at <--- that end of the store and then bring it over to the completely OTHER end of the store to get the said formula out of the case and bring it back <--- way to give it to you to ring up! think they would just give the key to the guy that is standing in FRONT of the case near the shelf check out. But that would make sense and be simple right?

My adventure will continue tomorrow... husband wants to goto bed and well... he is a horrible snorer in which I will not sleep if he crashes before I get there.

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