Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Birth of Lena :0)

Yes. Lena has finally made her appearance! Not on 3/2/10 like I hoped but it is okay because I can finally see my feet!

And its a funny beginning of a story let me tell you. It all started Saturday morning. I am exactly 38 weeks pregnant. Took my belly picture early just in case. Jameson's head was in it since he was going into the shower. The plan of the day was to goto Walmart and just pick up a couple things. Nothing else. No plans the rest of the day except maybe laundry. Had a great GREAT BOGO coupon for our detergent and wanted to get it before it expired. So had to get it done. Oh and shoes for Ryden. He needed new sneakers.

We get ready to head out the door. Now you must visualize this. We live in an apartment. It is the top floor of a converted twin family house. So four apartments total. When you walk into our door, you are greeted by 15 steps. I keep Ry shoes down there w/ his coat so I always know where they are. Mine stay down there also to keep it easy.

So, Jameson took Ry down and got him all shoed and jacketed up. I was sitting on the steps putting on my shoes. They headed out the door and I leaned over to tie my last shoe. GUSH! I felt something. Now, lucky me I was smart and put a pad on just in case. I looked up and saw Jameson already left. I ran back up the steps to check and thought ' maybe it was just discharge' and headed out.

I didn't mention it to Jameson as I thought nothing real of it but kept my mind on just in case. So there we are in Walmart picking out shoes. I was looking at some clearance when I turned one way and felt...GUSH. Again. In which I turned to Jameson since I stopped dead and went " We maybe going to the hospital"
"I believe my water just broke..."
"what?!? Are you serious?!"
" Let me goto the bathroom and check but meet me over near the detergent and Ill see"

Somehow that translated into hims stalking outside the bathroom until I came out. But yup. I believe I sprung a leak.

So, out the door I went and told him. He started to get REALLY nervous and rushing around telling me we HAVE to leave. I was like no, let me just get the couple things and then we can call the doctor from the car. So, he is freaking out worried and rushing me and I am just taking my time.

Check out. Get to car. I called my mom and told her and then said I would call her back after I call doctor. Call doctor answer service and left a message. Naturally, the on call doctor was not one of my OBGYN's so I get to have some stranger look at my hoo haa. Nice. I described what happen and he was like ' Yup defiantly sounds like it!'

We run home. Get last minute things and then head to St. Lukes Hospital. That is about 30-45 minutes away. Jameson is driving as we stop to get some food since it would be my 'last meal' until she was born. Ryden is sitting in the back in his seat just chowing down on french fries while we text people and let them know.

We get to the hospital. Triage yay! Strip down and put on sexy gown. Put on annoying belly band that holds monitors. The resident doctor checks me and I am 3-4 cm and 80% effaced. They swab to check and see if it was fluid. Now please tell me how a test for amniotic fluid can come back inconclusive? No is either a yes or no. But they wanted me to 'put on a pad and walk around' in hopes more may leak out. Jameson is trying to wrangle a Ryden who is missing his nap. I called my mom and told her I needed a extra set of hands here w/ Ryden since Jameson is NOT doing well.

45 minutes of walking around the halls and then another 20 pacing my triage room, GUSH again. This time the fun trickle on my leg! But the nurse FINALLY came back in to hook up monitor and take the pad. The resident doctor checked me again and said was more towards the 4cm. Then she said she would be right back and let me know if I was staying or not.

5 minutes not even...she popped her head in and goes ' Your STAYING!' So after my WOO HOO! I began my texting again. Letting people and FaceBook know that Lena Fetus would be born within the next 24 hours.

Then the waiting began. Now granted this all started at around 12:30pm on my steps. I laid in Triage until 1030pm that night! It was baby night and everyone was popping them out! So there I laid. I had my computer and was talking to friends while waiting. And waiting. And contracting small ones. And waiting.

FINALLY the on call doctor for my doctor's office came in and introduced himself. Nice guy. I was really worried he would be a douche and I would not want him near me. But nice friendly guy.

We moved into the room. YAY! Getting all set up for them to recheck me and pop some water. They didn't want to keep checking me since it broke on the side and keep infection out. But when they did, the flood gates opened! And if you EVER had a doctor break your bag of water you know what I mean! After that, I believe I hit 5 cm.

They wanted to hook up some Pitocin. In which I replied, " The Epidural man better show up before that!" and he did. He was a AWESOME fun guy! We laughed and joked the ENTIRE time he was doing his magic.

Then, my blood pressure went funky. This was after I was back in the bed waiting for the fun of not feeling my legs. At one point my top number was 83...yeah low. Light headed, dizzy, ear ringing...not fun. But things got better so on w/ the show!

Apparently, the epidural had other plans. It decided I needed to feel a bit of pain at one point. So my right hip became a 'window'. A small pocket that no matter which way you lay, you had pain. It would come and go. But it stayed open and painful during one of the worst times... TRANSITION time! Ugh the pain. I puked at one point during it. It SUCKED ASS. This was at like 2 or 4 am? Not sure but it sucked.

Lena did not like the contractions either and there was a scary point during the above mention window that her heart rate kept dropping. Each contraction it would dip below the safe line. So, the oxygen was put on me and the Pitocin was shut. She got better thankfully.

I want to say around 430am or 5am they checked me and I was complete! 10 cm, 100% efface and -1 station. They got the room ready for Lena!

The nurse had me do some practice pushes. Mom on the left leg, Jameson on the right leg. 2 sets of 3 and the nurse told me to stop as she was RIGHT THERE! Quick break down of the bed, fast dressing of the doctors and at 5:41am Lena came FLYING out! No really I am serious. I pushed for a hour w/ Ryden...Lena was barely 20 minutes!

Perfect head of hair. 10 fingers. 10 toes. And.. A GIRL! I was very happy about that part haha.

So there I am, legs in the air, doctors in my hoo haa and me texting and posting on Facebook she was here. Well what else are you gonna do while your numb from the waist down in that position?

There it is. From water leaking at 1230ish pm to 541am sunday morning 2/28...and now she wakes for food...

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