Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saving Money...The Couponing Way :0)

Saving money. It is something we all NEED to do at one time or another. It can be as simple as not getting that Starsmucks Coffee in the morning and can go all the way to getting $1000 of food and items for a couple hundred bucks.

I am not THAT good but I know my way around a sales ad and coupons. Those two items are a match in heaven. If you are looking for ways to cut money on your weekly food bill, that is a place to start.

'But where on earth do I get coupons?'
-The sunday paper! For a price of a small barely anything Starsmucks Coffee (i am assuming there on the price) you too can start the coupon game. Also in that paper, your grocery stores weekly sales ad.
-don't want to pay for them? Well go to your handy dandy search engine and type in coupons! A TON of websites will come up where you can print them right from home. Neat huh? Just make sure your local store will take them with no problem.
-Take to the internet and email world! Go onto your favorite brands websites and look for coupons and deals. Email them and ask for coupons. Tell them how you love their products and would like some. The worst they could say is no right?

'Okay so what do I do?'
-Well you need a system. You need to get a organization system that works for you. Some do a binder (me now), some do envelopes and a coupon holder, some do index cards and a box. It is up to you how to do it and how you can make it easy for you.
Next, you need categories. Examples? Frozen, Cleaning, Shelf Items, Bathroom, etc.
I had sub categories in my main ones personally. You have to find one that works for you.
- Find that sales ad! See what is on sale and make a shopping list. Yes, like a old lady taking the entire lane in the store up while trying to read a list.
-Match your coupons to the sales on your list. Do not be afraid, they will work.
-Check out your stores' website. More and more stores are letting you load coupons ONTO your Club Card. (Club Card you ask? That annoying little tag thing on your keys!) Sign up for one and get some coupons on it! A store near me will let me not only load coupons ON the card but will ALSO use PAPER ones ontop of it! So I save EVEN MORE!
-Stick to your list! It is easy to be tempted and it will happen but control is a big thing.
-Always carry your coupons with you! No matter what store you go to, bring them. You never know when you will find a sale and that coupon making it a steal.

'What happens at the register?'
-First, you get your stuff on the belt. Make sure you Club card is up front so they scan it.
-Hand your cashier your coupons. I personally do not like putting them on the belt as they may slip to the black hole so I hand them to the person.
-Watch the items being rung up. Make sure things are being rung up correctly and do not be afraid to speak up!
-Make sure your coupons ring up correctly! You also will start to get excited when the total drops :0)

'How do I know I am saving?'
-Many stores will tell you on the bottom of the receipt. They will circle it or say it to you as part of their job. A nice perk at the end of the transaction.

'Do you know about Double or even Triple Coupons?'
- Oh a nice feature! Many stores will have double or triple coupon days or do it all the time. They normally have a cap on how high they will double which is mostly $1 but they are always a nice little surprise!

'Rain checks? Worth it?'
-YES! If a item is on sale but not in the store, GET ONE! And if it is a REALLY good deal, get as many as you can. Sure you can make a extra trip later on in the week but the rain check is like a promise. A promise that says ' I can have this pasta for .59 and I can get this can of soup for .89'
-Also, you can use a coupon on that rain checked item :0)

I hope this helped out a little bit for you. Those are some FAQ that many people have. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment if there is something you are curious about :0)

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