Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011... A Fresh Start

So, I have a plan. A plan to update this blog more often. I plan to do 2 post per week at least.

1 post about my shopping savings and how I came across them. The times are tough and everyone... yes you there... can cut money somewhere. I joined a site for a free trial (comment w/ your email if you would like a invite :0) ) to see if it will save me even MORE money. Let's hope it works out. Everyone LOVES to save money right?

Another post will be about whats going on. Pictures, stories, rambles, the normal stuff. How the kids are growing, how my hubby is driving me nuts, etc.  Have a question? send it in! Want to see something covered? Send it in!

I really want to try and do this. I want to have a blog that really gets out there. I want to reach and help other parents out in any area that I can. I know it will be fun :0)

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