Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Yup. Jameson's snipping has happen. It happen this past Friday. It was a crazy weekend and have to let you know all about it!

Thursday, I was taking Ryden up to my parents house. The plan was for him to spend the weekend until Monday there. This way, he would not jump up on Jameson and his members. Would have sucked. So, i left Jameson home with Lena while Ryden and I went to pick up my sister in law Chrissy. She had a bunch of errands related to the wedding so it was a good day to get out.

Well, after picking up my little sister, I get a called that pretty much threw a monkey wrench into the weekend plans. My niece Krysta has Strep. Ryden can NOT stay at my parents since that is where nieces live. Yup. Screwed. Not the word i used but still. Now, the figuring out a new plan had to start.

Thankfully, my inlaws came through and they came Friday morning at 7am and took Ryden for the day and overnight. He did GREAT and now I know I have them as a babysitter if needed. I was worried since they never had him on their own or overnight!

So after they left, we got things going for heading to the doctor. Lena was okay to come along since she is tiny and well, in a carrier. His appointment was at 11am so off we went.

After the GPS was trying to tell me to drive THROUGH a Hospital building, we found the office. Yes. The GPS told us to go through a building. Nice I know. But we got to the office yay! I know Jameson was nervous but kept himself distracted by playing with Lena.

Time goes by and he gets his clipping. It is highly entertaining though when it was first done and he was walking... like someone who had a stick up their ass! But, I was nice and did not inform him until just recently hehe.

He got SO pampered this weekend can I say? Friday alone he got Sonic for lunch, a pound of gummy candy, Pizza Hut for dinner, he slept on the couch so he didn't roll onto his members, bummed around for days, didn't have to lift a finger to help change diapers or feed. I AM EXHAUSTED!

In three months, he has a follow up appointment. He gets to drop a sample in a cup to make sure it worked. I am VERY excited about not having to worry about a oops!

What else happen this weekend? We picked up Ryden on Saturday and he was very happy to see us! He also did not want to come home haha. Though, my in laws got to see how my days go and man did they seem tired.

Dam.. I had a whole thought process for on here and completely brain farted on it! Well, Lena had her 3 month check up yesterday. She is 13lbs 14oz and 24 inches. She is my little peanut! The doctor is not worried about how she cut her bottles from 6oz to 4oz. But she is perfect and I love it hehe. both kiddos have a check up in July and Ryden gets his PreSchool paperwork filled out.

Yes my Ryden:

My super hero under-roo wearing Ryden starts Pre School in Sept! I promise he will not be wearing that to school don't worry haha. That was earlier today though.  I am confident though now that he will be fully Potty Trained by then. He has pee down but still having issues on poop. One of these days, it will click right?

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