Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Three Years Ago Today...

.. I had a doctor appointment. It was one of my final weekly appointments. It was a monday. I saw Dr. Lamb and I asked about an induction. I was 38 weeks to the day and done being pregnant. She told me how they do not do it until 39 weeks but they will see.

It was finals week. Last week of college for the semester and I was looking forward to the summer off. As I left for my final final, there was a phone call. Now, pregnant me was already out the door and did not hear it so it is okay. It was my doctor's office calling to tell me that my induction was set for Sunday July 1st.

Could it be? THREE YEARS have passed since then? What has happen in three years and where did it go?

On Thursday, Ryden.. my little crazy big toddler will be 3. He is starting PreSchool in September. He is growing up. He can put sentences together, chose what he wants to eat or wear, be a pain in my ass, pretend to play like no tomorrow and drive me nuts. But I love my Bubba. I never ever want to know what life would have been like if he never came.

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