Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Out With Thomas!

This is how our Tuesday 6/15 started. It is a 2 hour drive to Strasburg, Pa. But TOTALLY worth it!

 I have to give credit to ' John and Kate Plus 8' as they did it on the show. But Ryden got into the evil Thomas. He is expensive. It drives me nuts but he loves him and I can not deny him.

So, we took Ryden to the ' Day Out with Thomas' event. We also did not tell him what we were doing. Lena was at my brother and future sister in law's house. Since Ryden's birthday is a couple weeks away, we wanted to make it all about him.

Jameson's parents bought the tickets. They were suppose to come but last minute couldn't and felt horrible. We did also. But here is the day in pictures!

Like I said, we did not tell him where we were going

Once we got to the front though, he KNEW

They had it set up that you could take a picture w/ Thomas in the front:

They had ALOT to do while hanging out. They had these cranky cars that you did by hand:

Thomas ride was pretty much a back and forth on a track but still pretty cool. They also had this pumping train that was a cute ride.

This is our train ride!

Ryden gave the guy his ticket below

I Love that picture above!

It was a fun day and he got really cranky but totally worth it for him. I was so happy to see him so excited. He got scared of Sir Topham Hat so we don't have a picture of that but still. Our day in Amish Country ended as any toddler adventure would:

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